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Summer is here… join us in maintaining healthy habits at home & on vacation!

We work hard to make sure our family eats healthy. This can be especially difficult during the summer when schedules are crazy and vacations are abundant! We love the Whole30 and use it as a base for how we eat. Check out our first Whole30 experience here and feel free to join the discussion on any of our posts!

paleo blueberry muffins - Wow, these are AWESOME! I actually made my paleo blueberry muffins in a mini muffin tray so they’re nice little bite sized pieces. I have found that my family is much more likely to eat healthy when I hand them finger foods that require virtually zero preparation or thought to eat, haha. So that’s exactly […]
paleo banana bread - Why does my house smell so amazing right now?! Because I just finished baking a loaf of Paleo banana bread! The smell is just incredible and brings everyone in the house straight to the kitchen. My whole family loves bananas, but I am not fan of all the sugar required for most banana bread recipes. […]
turn (almost) any food into an appetizer - Appetizers are a huge part of any social gathering, and being able to turn just about anything into an appetizer without too much trouble means endless possibilities! Presentation and ease of consumption are always two huge motivators when it comes to someone choosing to eat the food you put out.  Use toothpicks. If a toothpick […]
paleo flatbread - This recipe for Paleo flatbread is super easy to make and tastes delicious!!! When making flatbread, it is important to keep an eye on it in the pan, and remember that it does take time. This isn’t instant, and turning up the burner heat is not going to help move things along. Be patient, let […]
paleo sandwich bread - My family absolutely loves bread. And having a super easy Paleo sandwich bread recipe at our finger is extremely helpful. I don’t have a bread machine (even if I did, not sure where I would put it!), and I really needed a sandwich bread recipe that required minimal prep time. Well, now we have one! […]
Happy Independence Day! - We hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day, celebrating with family, friends, and some great food! Thank you to all those who are serving our great nation now and to all those who have served in the past, we appreciate you more than we could ever express! Have a safe, healthy and happy Independence […]
honey lime sauce - A wonderful mix of flavors, this honey lime sauce is absolutely incredible for dipping just about any fruit. It goes perfectly with our fruit summer rolls too! The prep for this honey lime sauce is easy. Simply mix honey and lime juice. Another fantastic option for this recipe is to add a little fresh mint. […]
cucumber wrapped veggies - Much like our zucchini wrapped veggies, these cucumber wrapped veggies are fantastic for parties, barbecues, or just having at home for the family and kids. The zucchini wrapped veggies aren’t all that fantastic when it comes to kids. The zucchini flavor just isn’t really what they’re into. These cucumber wraps are great with homemade ranch […]
fruit summer rolls - A super fun way to eat fruit, these fruit summer rolls are not only cool looking, they’re also delicious and healthy! Getting the kids to eat more fruits and veggies can be difficult, but when you hand them a cool looking snack like these fruit summer rolls, it becomes much less of a hassle. I […]
zucchini wrapped veggies - Zucchini wrapped veggies are a great finger food for any party or barbecue! They go great with our homemade ranch dressing or any other type of vegetable dip! And given the fact these are bite sized with a toothpick already in them, there’s no chance for double dipping! Super bonus! Of course, since these are […]

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In today’s fast-paced world it can be difficult just to maintain a healthy diet, let alone cooking everything we eat. However, it can be done, and amazingly it can be done with fairly minimal effort. Taking the time to plan ahead and prep can make eating home cooked healthy food a breeze.

Here at Homemade Health Food, we bring easy-to-make, healthy recipes from our kitchen to yours. We also want to make sure everyone understands all the different words used to describe foods (GMO, organic, gluten-free, etc.) and exactly what the words mean to us, the consumers. Oftentimes we make assumptions that because a food item has a particular label on it, it’s healthy. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

We have also outlined a number of popular diets, explaining as much about them as we can. We are not doctors or dieticians, and we make no claims for or against any particular diet. It is our goal to put out enough information all in one place to make it easy to learn about nutrition, diets, food labeling, and other topics so we can all make educated decisions about the food we purchase and consume.