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Eating healthy was the first step towards getting ourselves into shape. The second step is fitness! As we go through various fitness programs or workouts, we will document our progress and how we feel each day getting some exercise. We are fully committed to turning our lazy lives around and getting in shape. Follow our progress and get in the discussion if you need motivation or help. I am online all the time and love to work with other people! Here’s to getting healthy!

walk the dogs

having trouble exercising? walk the dogs!

Yeah! Get out there and walk the dogs, they need exercise too! Sometimes I get so caught up in everything going on with life in general… work, the kids’ school, sports practices, cooking, and everything else… I almost completely forget to get some good exercise in. Thankfully, I have two fairly large chihuahuas that give […]

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Fitness Update – been busy

Things have been so hectic for us for what seems like forever! I did manage to push my way through the Bikini Body 12 week program. It did get more difficult, but I finished it. I couldn’t write about it due to my insane schedule, but it was definitely tough. I have recently been much […]

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