having trouble exercising? walk the dogs!

walk the dogs

Yeah! Get out there and walk the dogs, they need exercise too!

walk the dogsSometimes I get so caught up in everything going on with life in general… work, the kids’ school, sports practices, cooking, and everything else… I almost completely forget to get some good exercise in. Thankfully, I have two fairly large chihuahuas that give me this amazing “walk us now??” look that reminds me to get out there and get moving! My little babies really help keep me on track… they remind me to do all sorts of things, from taking walks to simply relaxing and enjoying myself in the evenings. They are two fantastic little pooches, not sure what I would do without them!!

Just get out and walk for at least 30 minutes! 30 minutes isn’t so hard, right?

According to the American Heart Association, research has shown that walking at least 30 minutes a day can help you:

  • Reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood lipid profile
  • Maintain your body weight and lower the risk of obesity
  • Enhance your mental well-being
  • Reduce your risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduce your risk of breast and colon cancer
  • Reduce your risk of non-insulin dependent (type 2) diabetes

We know maintaining daily exercise routines can be difficult, but it’s so worth it to stay in shape!

We’ve definitely gone in spurts, finishing fitness programs, making sure we get on the treadmill every day, etc. The only constant thing we have is that we always walk the dogs. They really are a great reminder for us. We also do other things to stay in shape… I have a little Fitbit One that I absolutely love! It tracks my steps and I do challenges with friends just to help remind myself to get moving. I don’t mind losing the challenges to my friends, but losing by a lot is just such a bummer!

Whatever motivates you to get moving each day, DO IT! Staying in shape is so important for so many reasons! Just keep moving and stay healthy!

Fitness Update – been busy

Things have been so hectic for us for what seems like forever! I did manage to push my way through the Bikini Body 12 week program. It did get more difficult, but I finished it. I couldn’t write about it due to my insane schedule, but it was definitely tough. I have recently been much more lazy, perhaps due to the holidays, the junk food, and just being busy.

I got a FitBit and am making sure I get my active minutes in each day and meeting my step goals. For now, that’s about all I can manage to do with our schedules and the kids’ schedules. I do plan to stay active and will write more on it when I can.

Week 3 of bikini body pre-trainin is done!

I completely forgot to post yesterday, we were super busy working on decluttering the house and doing some outside work to it. I did do treadmill yesterday which was the last day of week 3! 

Decluttering in itself can feel like a workout sometimes too… So much random things to go through, box up, sell, etc. it’s insane! But the house is slowly starting to become more open and spacious. And we are very lucky to have other people in our lives who want some of our old items 😀 Makes it easy to get rid of things without trashing them. I also have a huge batch of things I need to donate. Haven’t been to the donation center yet because I know more things will end up needing to go, but it’s great to have a lot to donate!

Ok, enough about that. Back to the treadmill. For some reason it was tough yesterday. Maybe because of all the work I’ve been doing around the house or something, not sure. But it certainly allowed me time to clear my head and just do my own thing. Love it!! One more week of pre-training and then it’s time for the bikini body guide 12 week program. Can’t wait!!

one hundred push ups – week 4 – day 1… barely

keep-pushingNot sure what’s up, but I barely got these push ups done today! Perhaps it was because I wasn’t the most brilliant I’ve ever been and I didn’t actually do my push ups until after I had been moving things around and packing boxes to de-clutter. I’ll try to make sure I get it done way earlier in the day on Wednesday than I did today!

Still doing column 1, currently on week 4 of the One Hundred Push Ups Training Program. I maxed out at 16 push ups, which gave me 63 push ups! Now that is totally awesome, but I seriously barely made it to the max of 16 at the end. I’m really not seeing how in just a few more weeks I’ll be able to do 100 consecutively. Really doesn’t seem possible. I’ll keep going though and hopefully I can gain more strength and keep myself going strong enough to do it!

Maintaining positivity is important to me at this point, so that’s what I’m doing 🙂

bikini body pre-training – week 3 – day 1… still going

get-in-shapeTook some pictures today. I think I’m looking better already and this is only the start of week 3! My girlfriend in NY said my legs and hips look better, which is awesome. I am really digging getting in shape! Makes me so happy that I’m slowly getting myself back into shape!

So today was a lot of leg work, and my legs were some serious jelly afterwards! I didn’t even want to walk back upstairs to get some water after I was finished, lol.

Still texting the same group of ladies and it’s so nice to have people who are doing this with me. Not sure if everyone got their workouts done today, but just texting in general makes it more fun. Definitely a bonus!

Did a lot of other things around the house today. We’re in the process of attempting to de-clutter. It is not easy! It’s especially difficult when other people in the extended family are trying to do it at the same time… every time someone shows up to visit they bring a box of stuff with them. I’m trying to get rid of it, haha, not take on more! So filling boxes and moving things around what a bit of a workout as well. I know I need to keep taking things easy and make sure I don’t kill myself with all this, but there’s a lot going on!

bikini body pre-training week 2 – DONE!

garfield-300x261Another week DOWN! WOOHOO! Today was only stretches, but starting next week I believe there’s LISS on Saturdays. So this is my last Saturday to relax and just chill. Believe me, that is exactly what I’m doing!

Hanging out, watching movies with hubby, doing a whole lot of nothing. We did move some more tree branches today, but other than that, easy day and nice, relaxing weekend 🙂

bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 5… glad it’s Friday!

It’s Friday, I feel awesome and am still absolutely loving this workout program!! I feel like my belly is getting tighter. Can’t really see any changes yet, but just feeling like I’m changing is enough for me at this point!

 Today’s workout was full body and again it said it was optional on te workout information, but it’s not like I’m so incredibly worn out that I can’t get the optional ones done.. And I made a commitment to myself to make sure I find the time to follow this exercise program, so that’s what I’m doing😀

I’m really enjoying the extra energy I feel like I’m gaining too, it’s amazing! I am super glad it’s Friday because we have a lot to get done over the weekend, mainly in the yard haha! 

Bikini body pre-training week 2 day 5… Woohoo Friday!

one hundred push ups – week 3 – day 3… half way done with the program!

Oh yeah! I am officially half way done with the one hundred push ups training program and it feels awesome! So excited to be this far along on this program😀

 My total for today was 55 push ups!!! I really think that’s awesome and I am feeling so much stronger which is just amazing. I have to say, the timing couldn’t be better when it comes to feeling stronger. We are cleaning up our yard and still have a ton of large branches to haul from the back to the front and throw in the truck. Having more strength in my arms to assist me in getting the tree branches moved rocks! My girlfriend in NY finished her push ups today and she maxed at 14! That’s 56 push ups! We are rocking this!!

One hundred push ups week 3 day 3… stronger and loving it!!!

bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 4… Tired!

  Yep, I’m tired! Today was LISS (Low Intensity Steady State). I did mine this afternoon, though I would have preferred to get it done earlier in the day. Just too much going on today for an early workout to happen. At least I got it done though, and now I can go back to house cleaning😀

Believe it or not, cleaning house relaxes me quite a bit, so I am happy to get some things done this evening. 

Bikini body pre-training week 2 day 4… finished!

one hundred push ups – week 3 – day 2… wow.

impossible-today-push-upSo yeah, my arms are totally blown out today. The Bikini Body Guide pre-training included push ups today too. Then I did week 3 day 2 of the one hundred push ups training program (about 2 hours after my first workout), thinking I had given myself enough time between the 2 workouts… ha! My arms are so done right now, they don’t even want me to bother typing!! I barely hit the last set’s max of 12. But I did manage the full 12, so I hit 50 push ups today! That’s half way to the 100 push ups I should be able to do at the end of this program. I really can’t wait to be able to do that, I just think it’s really cool and would be awesome to be able to knock out 100 push ups 2 or 3 times a week after the program is over:) My girlfriend in NY maxed at 14! So she hit 52 push ups! Woohoo!

I can also tell that my arms are stronger. I mean, this is week 3 of this, so I guess they should be stronger lol. But I really like the increased strength to be obvious to me. I’m also seeing more definition in both my arms, which is rad because that muscle definition makes my arms look better in general! Love it!

One hundred push ups week 3 day 2… WHEW!!! 50 PUSH UPS!