bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 3… feel good

flexed-armWeek 2, day 3, DONE 🙂 Unlike yesterday, I managed to get my workout done fairly early in the day today. I really prefer that just because I always feel like I have more energy after my workout than I did before it… you know, once I stretch and take a few minutes to relax a little. I haven’t done my push up training program  yet today, but that doesn’t take very long and I felt like I needed to let my arms relax a little bit (arms & abs for bbg today) before I rush right into more push ups!

I think knowing my limits and pushing myself just hard enough but not too hard has been really good for me. I saw this article today from the whole9life website titled When “Healthy” Habits Aren’t and it’s a fantastic read! The article discusses the fact that exercising is just one piece in a balanced and healthy life. I found it really interesting and some of the things hit home for me. In the past, I definitely used to push through pain, or try to go too hard too fast, and that always ended up causing me to burn out quickly and give up all together. I am going through my workout routines in a much smarter way this time around. I did start with the bikini body guide pre-training program instead of jumping right in to the main 12 week program. I did knock my push ups down from column 2 to column 1. I am taking it slow and paying attention to any pains I have. I am taking the time to stretch really well every day, even the days I don’t have a workout routine to do. Exercising is only a piece of me and hubby getting into shape, and our family life and other things sometimes have to come first. That’s why I didn’t get my LISS in yesterday until pretty late in the evening. But I also wanted to do it for me. I wanted to take time out and focus on me and my goals. I believe that is also extremely important, as it can be difficult to fit “me time” into my day.

Bikini body pre-training week 2 day 3… arms are blown up! Feel awesome!

bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 2… Got it done late..

treadmillBut I got it done! I’ve been trying hard to get all my workouts done before noon. Yesterday was just a really busy day (Tuesdays often are for some reason). So I didn’t finish my LISS (low intensity steady state) until after 8pm! Going to try not to do that again, because if one more thing had come up to distract me, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it done, which is not part of my overall get fit plan!

I’m feeling good though. Very tired and very ready to be a couch potato with hubby and one of our kiddos for a while before heading off to bed😀

Bikini body pre-training week 2 day 2… No more letting other things stop me from doing it early! 

one hundred push ups – week 3 – day 1

Done! After this week I will be half way through the program! 

pushupI maxed out at 12 push ups, so my total for today was 48 push ups!!! Remember, I moved over to column 1 of the one hundred push ups program to ensure I could actually complete the program without killing myself since I added the bikini body guide workout to my routine. I am totally stoked that I did that many push ups. The max for today was at least 9 and I totally rocked 12! Knowing my limits and swapping to a slightly easier program was seriously a really good decision for me.

Today I feel GREAT! I got all my workouts done before noon, I am in a marvelous mood, I’m continuing to eat healthy (thank you Whole30 leftovers!!!), and life is just rolling along in an awesome way! Working out really does improve mood, ability to think clearly, and obviously overall health.

one hundred push ups week 3 day 1… NAILED IT!

bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 1.. feeling good!

Workout DONE😀

IMG_4867.JPGIt feels so awesome to be done with my workout and still have the whole day ahead of me! Working out in the morning is definitely amazing. BBG pre-training is really working for me, getting me amped up to do the full BBG 12 week program after I’m done with this first 4 weeks! I did take a before picture last week and I took a week 1 picture today, though not much has changed… if anything. I know I won’t see results right away, so it’s fine. I just know that for me, I want a full timeline of how this transformation went!

I actually went somewhere before my workout this morning (I worked out before 9am), and someone I knew noticed I had lost weight! She said I looked really good, which is awesome! So even if I’m not really seeing much change yet, others are, which is fantastic and a total motivator for me! The group of ladies I’m on a group text with are also still super motivating. Just knowing that my legs aren’t feeling like jelly alone is fantastic! Love it!

bikini body pre-training week 2 day 1… ENERGIZED!

rest is important too

IMG_4857.JPGRest.. not working out. Letting your body heal and rebuild is an important part of getting in shape. It could seem counter productive, but it isn’t at all. Your body needs time to relax, rebuild, and recover after working all those muscles. For more information on why rest is important, this article titled The Benefits of Rest and Recovery After Exercise explains it pretty well.

I am taking today to just chill. My girlfriend in NY has restarted her Whole30 and this time around she’s getting much more active about cooking different things and trying out new recipes. A lot of the recipes are from the book and I’m super glad we sent her a copy because it’s really motivational and like I’ve said before, it helps to physically own the book! So for today, I’m texting with her, watching movies with hubby, and doing my new favorite thing… Making up new recipes! 

Seriously, I love trying to create new and exciting recipes! Hubby said Whole30 has made me a better cook, and I agree! Though I think my cute new apron may have a lot to do with it too, lol. 

I also have some awesome news! Tomorrow I should receive my new kitchen gadget! I ordered this Paderno Spiralizer and I am so excited! My girlfriend has one and she said it’s awesome! If I have time, I may do a full review of it after I use all the different pieces. It’s very cool though, I cannot wait to try my hand at some zucchini noodles! I’ve been saving one of the giant zucchini I got from my father-in-law just to try to spiralizer!

Rest is important for your body… allow yourself time to recover & rebuild!

bikini body pre-training – week 1 – day 6 – stretch routine

  Just stretches today, that’s all the bikini body pre-training guide calls for. And wow, did stretching both my upper and lower body feel good! I’m pretty worn out from the first 5 days of workouts, so I am really glad that today was only stretches. Week 2 is like this as well, which is great! Easing into this routine slowly is totally what I need to help make sure I don’t push too hard and ending up whining and complaining myself into failure. 

This week has also taught me that while having people doing a workout with you can be totally motivating, you also have to keep in my why you personally are doing your workouts. This helps you stay motivated, can help you possibly motivate others, and makes the whole group experience more fun! Staying positive is so important! So you just have to keep following your own path, be strong, and remember that you can do it!!

I haven’t ever really been one to use Twitter.. But it has provided so much motivation and “YES” attitude this past week that I now love it!! It’s like having automatic support, even if the people on the other end of the tweets don’t know it, ha! 

So week 1 is officially done! Woohoo!

Tomorrow is a rest day😀

one hundred push ups – week 2 – day 3 – abs are sore!

IMG_4814.JPGYes, holding my body straight for some push ups totally made me feel just how sore my abs are. Feel the burn!!!! I am starting to get more and more comfortable with pushing myself harder. I still don’t want to go completely crazy since I’m also doing the bikini body training guide (pre-training) workouts right now too. But I want to make sure I complete the one hundred push ups program.

Like I said on Wednesday, I can’t stick with column 2. I’m just not strong enough yet, and with 2 workouts going I don’t want to get burned out. So today I did one hundred push ups week 2 day 3, column 1. Still ended up doing 30 push ups, which I think is amazing! I will complete this program, even if I have to roll through the rest of it at a slower pace. I know it will be totally worth it in the end!

One hundred push ups week 2 day 3… slowing it down was the right decision!

bikini body pre-training – week 1 – day 5 – full body!

IMG_4835.JPGToday was a full body workout. At the top of the workout it clearly said “OPTIONAL” – but no. My girlfriend in NY texted last night and said “It’s not optional unless you wanna stay fat! We got this!!” So motivational… and made me laugh at the same time, haha! There’s a lot going on around the house today so I got up early and had my workout done by about 8:30am. I definitely earned my shower today… The workout was tough, my abs are still a little sore from the other day so this workout definitely had me pushing myself pretty hard. I know it’s all going to be worth it when I feel good about how I look. I can’t wait!

I still can’t believe this is the bikini body pre-training! It’s totally kicking my butt and I’m not even doing the real 12 week program yet! I am definitely starting to feel the effects already though. I may not look it at this point, but I feel stronger, I feel like my belly is smaller… I just plain feel better about myself and about the fact that I am taking the time to get back in shape. It is so worth it and eating super healthy along with the workouts gives me more energy, helps me sleep better at night, and just makes me an overall happier person (something that’s definitely good for everyone else around me!).

There’s no real tough workout tomorrow. There’s a full stretching routine, which I am so glad is included!! Some of the stretches are here on Kayla Itsines’ blog… awesome stretches! It’s nice that there’s no LISS tomorrow, I really think my body needs a full 2 days of rest… this is only week 1, and I certainly don’t want to push myself so hard that I quit!

Bikini body pre-training week 1 day 5… ABS ACHE, but it’s WORTH IT!

bikini body pre-training – week 1 – day 4

Ah! I don’t usually post about exercise this late, but today has been super busy! Got my LISS done before noon… Walked 40 minutes on the treadmill at 3.3mph. Came out to just over 2 miles in distance. 

 So that’s 5 minutes more than Tuesday, without having to lower the speed at all! Super stoked at the progress! It may not seem like much to someone who works out all the time and is in great shape, but for me it’s a big deal 😀

Feeling really good today. Tomorrow’s workout is a full body one and it says optional, but I don’t want to skimp out on this program. I want it to work! I also do push ups again tomorrow (3 days a week for those). I will be going to column 1 of the one hundred push ups program. I just can’t do maintain column 2 at this point. But I’m personal just fine with that, because I’m doing best and not stopping the program, just moving to a level that’s really fits with my current physical strength. 

Bikini body week 1 day 2… Feeling more fit already!

bikini body pre-training – week 1 – day 3

sore-tired-workingUmmmm… WOW! Today’s workout was arms and abs. I was literally lying on my yoga mat in a sweaty heap afterwards! So glad the bikini body guide has stretch routines!

Quick tip for anyone else with little dogs… set out TWO yoga mats. One for them and one for you! One of my puppies kept trying to sit on my mat every time I did my leg lifts. That makes the coming down part a little frustrating, haha!

So my arms and abs are totally burning after today’s workout, but this is day 3 of week 1 of the bikini body pre-training program, and I feel AWESOME! I was texting earlier with one of the other ladies in the group I’m doing this with and we are both super glad we didn’t just jump right in to the 12 week program. We need this pre-training first, and it was a smart decision to go this route. As always, we’re thinking about our abilities and our motivation to succeed.

So far, working out with a group of ladies who are also motivated (and motivating!) is the best thing I could possibly be doing! I make sure I get my workouts done because I want it and I want us all to succeed! Working as a team is most definitely more motivating than trying to do this on my own. It also really helps that hubby is working out every day now too 🙂

Bikini Body pre-training week 1 day 3… arms be shakin’… lol!