one hundred push ups – week 1 – day 1 (take 2!)

awesomeAlrighty people! One hundred push ups! I got my girlfriend in NY who just OUT DID me in pushups! What the heck?! She didn’t think she could do even 1 on the initial test and here she goes, rocking 28 when I only did 26! And I’m slightly annoyed to introduce our newest member, girlfriend from MT… she rocked 14 push ups for the max out at the end… that puts her at 34!!! You go, lady!

So, we are totally rocking this… we have a lot of time and effort ahead of us… but dang it, we will prevail! Positivity and motivating each other will GET. IT. DONE.

I won’t lie here, I’m a little (ok, massively) jealous of my other ladies… but we’re all in this together! Motivation. Inspiration. Then just DO IT!!!


Whole30 Day 22 – love my dutch oven!

Yeah, I was totally not in the mood to make lunch today, Whole30 Day 22… why make lunch… or dinner for that matter? Let’s just eat boring old kale and move on. Guess this is where people fall off. It wasn’t that I didn’t want Whole30 compliant lunch and dinner… I just didn’t want to bleeping cook. Want to know my solution? My dutch oven (could’ve been a crock pot, for anyone who doesn’t have a dutch oven). It rocked both lunch AND dinner, at the SAME TIME!! Woohoo!

So what did I do? I cut half an onion in big chunks, sauteed them in clarified butter in the dutch oven (seriously, I love this particular one –  Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven) on the stove. Moved them to a bowl. I then seared 4 chicken breasts (with salt and pepper sprinkled on) in my dutch oven. Then I added the onion back, along with a sweet potato (chopped into large chunks) and carrots. I put the lid on the dutch oven, threw it in my oven set at 350 for about 90 minutes, and BAM! I had 4 chicken breasts that were falling apart when touched, just the way hubby likes it! When I pulled it out of the oven, I immediately added a bit of kale and put the lid back on… it doesn’t take much for kale to shrink down and be “cooked” lol. We used 2 chicken breasts for salad at lunch, and we had the remaining 2 chicken breasts (along with the onion, sweet potato, carrots and kale) for dinner! DONE AND DONE! All at once. Super score!

This also could have been done in a crock pot, cooking all day. Get home, add kale 10 minutes before eating, then eat half for dinner, second half with salad for lunch. Win-win when you have to take something to the office tomorrow 🙂


I am trying to spread inspiration today! And I really just found this picture amusing. Haha. No real good reason to use it other than that! Still here, still available to help support anyone who needs it. Together, we can do Whole30. And if someone else is interested in adding to Whole30… like throwing in a push ups program or another exercise program, I’d love to hear about it!

need support in your Whole30 (or other diet or exercise) journey?

I have seen so many different places to go to get support and help on diets. I know the Whole30/Whole9Life website has a forum here, and I’m sure there are groups in Facebook. There’s actually a whole conversation about support groups on Whole30 going on right now… find that conversation (and some awesome responses to it) right here!

diet-hungry-boredSo far, I have been texting my girlfriend in NY and talking to hubby (duh) daily about how we’re all feeling, where we’re all at, and our frustrations, mood swings, anything. We discuss the positive and the negative. So I wanted to throw it out there to anyone else doing Whole30, or another diet, who’s having issues… I am on this site all day, every day. Trying to make it better, more informative (yes, I’m working on adding more recipes!!), and just make it awesome. That being said, I will respond to every comment I see on this site.

If you’re having a bad day or really want to eat that piece of cake, let me know! I’ll slam you with positivity and motivation! I also tweet funny pictures, motivational pictures, and things I know help me out on a daily basis (in case you have no interest in jumping into comments here, but still want some positive, inspiring motivation, follow me on Twitter). 

I’m not sponsored in any way by Whole30 or any other diet type, but Whole30 has been slowly changing our lives for the better, and we are stoked!

Anyway, I just know I’ve need inspiration, motivation, and positivity as I go through my lifestyle changes from eating complete crap to homemade healthy food. We can all help each other! 🙂 Just saying, I run my own site, I try to do it to the best of my ability, and I’m changing my life at the same time. So don’t get me wrong… I need support, inspiration, and motivation too! And it would be awesome if it could happen here since I’m already here basically 24/7, lol!

one hundred push ups – week 1 – day 1

Whew! Done! Gotta say, I’m glad I got it over with early today. I have my phone set to remind me at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, an Fridays, but already being done well before noon is way awesome! I’m already eating healthy and now I’m working on getting fit, yay!

When I did my initial test last week, I just barely hit 8 push ups. So I fall into column 2 of the one hundred push ups training program. Here’s what I did this morning:pushups-trex

  • 6 push ups
  • 60 second break
  • 6 push ups
  • 60 second break
  • 4 push ups
  • 60 second break
  • 4 push ups
  • 60 second break
  • Max push ups – I managed 6

By the time I hit that last push up (number 26, by the way!) my arms were shaking and it was obvious that I was just plain done!

This definitely shows me that I have a lot of work to do!! Feeling massively out of shape after completing 26 push ups, but I completed 26 full body push ups. That’s huge for a couch potato like me 🙂

One hundred push ups, week 1, day 1… shaky but done!

it’s monday morning. coffee. coffee. more coffee.


Ah, Monday morning. The day of the week that we should totally be allowed to skip all together.

Today will be Whole30 Day 22! Today I begin my pushups! Today is going to be an awesome day. Whole30 AND Fitness! Moving forward… adding the fitness to my routine.

I have my alarm set on my calendar to go off at noon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do my pushups. I figure that’ll be right before lunch, which is perfect. It should only take about 10 or so minutes a day to knock out the pushups. At least at the beginning. I actually have no idea how long it takes to do 100 consecutive pushups. But I guess I’ll find out in about 6 weeks!

So I actually read about Whole30 Plus today. Basically, that’s adding something else to your Whole30 program. The examples they give are Whole30 plus quitting coffee. Or Whole30 plus an exercise routine.

As we’ve observed over the years, this can be a highly effective strategy for generating major health improvements quickly … or it can totally backfire, leaving you frustrated, full of self-doubt, and less healthy than when you started. So how do you know if doing a Whole30-Plus is right for you?

-The Pros and Cons of Whole30-Plus

After reading about Whole30 Plus, I feel good about waiting until today to start my pushups. And waiting until next Monday (which will be day 29) to start a full exercise program. I’ve given myself time to get used to the cooking, the food, the mood changes (for the better), the general energy level changes, and everything else I’ve experienced on Whole30. Now it’s time to step it up. I am so motivated and inspired!!!

Hopefully I won’t make a mess of things by adding to our current Whole30 experience. I truly believe I will feel even better after rocking some exercise! 🙂

gearing up for 100 pushups!

As I mentioned in my Whole30 Day 18 post here, I will be starting the hundred pushups training program TOMORROW. 100 pushups… consecutively… that’s the end goal.

Ok, so I did the initial test and hit 8 full pushups. Then my form started to fail and my weakling (probably slightly flappy) arms started to give. I feel like that’s a super low amount of pushups. I’m really hoping that if I give this program my all, it’ll really work. Having friends who know I’m doing it and are doing it with me (you ready, NY?) will definitely make it easier.

focusSo I’m trying to focus on everything in my life. What I want my whole life to be like, not just the food I eat, or just attempting some new exercise regimen. I want a fully healthy life. I want to feel good and look good… the whole package!

Tomorrow, I will get my lazy butt moving (at least a little) and rock some pushups. From the week 1 information on, looks like I’ll be rocking 25 pushups tomorrow. That’s one pushup more than three times the amount I did in my initial test. Skepticism abounds! But hey, if I can get through it and end up gaining the ability to crank out 100 consecutive pushups, it’ll be totally worth it!

My mind is focused. I am ready. When tomorrow comes, I will destroy my first day of pushups!

Whole30 Day 20 – 2/3 done – non scale victories

no-scaleLet’s see. we’re about 2/3 of the way done and I wanted to take a look at some of the non scale victories I’ve had so far. Obviously, I am not going to go through every NSV I’ve had up to this point because it would just take forever. I feel really amazing most of the time now and am to get things done faster and more efficiently than before. I am way more focused on some things now and am able to stay focused for longer than I could before. The effects I am feeling from eating good, healthy food are incredible. At this moment, I can’t imagine going to back to the way I was eating and feeling 20 days ago… what a horrible place to be!

So here are the Non Scale Victories I wanted to highlight:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • longer & stronger nails- I really didn’t expect this one because my nails have always been kind of crappy. But hey, I’ll take it!
  • flatter stomach- oh yeah.
  • energy levels are higher- absolutely! This one is most definitely an awesome non scale victory… love it!
  • fall asleep more easily- yep.
  • higher productivity- for sure.
  • created other health goals- you know it… and see below 😉
  • happier!!! 🙂
  • less stressed!!!


So let’s revisit the flatter stomach one. Since my stomach has gotten a little flatter and I’ve lost weight (I don’t even need a scale to know I’m down a few pounds!), I have also noticed that I really don’t look good in some areas. There’s quite a bit of unflattering fatty-fat hanging around where it shouldn’t be. I certainly don’t love my love handles. My butt is closer to the floor than it should be (not sure how else to say it, ha!). And even though my tummy is flatter, it’s still kind of gross looking. So now I’m looking into some exercise programs that I can do to improve the “tightness” of some areas of my body. I am setting a start date now…


I will be starting the bikini BODY Workouts on

Monday, July 6th, 2015

There, I did it. Now I have a start date, it’s been announced, there’s no going back! Did I need to include the actual day and year in that announcement? Probably not. But I refuse to give myself the option of saying “I meant next July 6th” – something I would totally do, as I’ve put off starting an exercise regimen many times in the past!

So this workout, it’s 12 weeks if you just do the program. If you want to know more, you can check out the website Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Guide. There’s also a pre-training thing that’s 4 weeks. I’m not going to kid myself… I’ve been such a couch potato for so long that I need to start with the pre-training or I know I’ll just quite within a few days. I need to get in shape, not give myself reasons to stay sedentary! So there it is. I’m going to start my workout routine on July 6th, and I start my one hundred pushups routine (the one that runs 6 weeks) on June 29th… yep, this coming Monday!

Here’s to getting in shape… at this rate, I think I will have an awesome bikini body just in time for fall, hahaha!