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Happy Independence Day!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day, celebrating with family, friends, and some great food! Thank you to all those who are serving our great nation now and to all those who have served in the past, we appreciate you more than we could ever express! Have a safe, healthy and happy Independence […]

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cucumber wrapped veggies

Much like our zucchini wrapped veggies, these cucumber wrapped veggies are fantastic for parties, barbecues, or just having at home for the family and kids. The zucchini wrapped veggies aren’t all that fantastic when it comes to kids. The zucchini flavor just isn’t really what they’re into. These cucumber wraps are great with homemade ranch […]

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zucchini wrapped veggies

Zucchini wrapped veggies are a great finger food for any party or barbecue! They go great with our homemade ranch dressing or any other type of vegetable dip! And given the fact these are bite sized with a toothpick already in them, there’s no chance for double dipping! Super bonus! Of course, since these are […]

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