Whole30 Day 31 – totally got on the scale 

finished-whole30Because the Whole30 is over! Even though hubby and I do plan to continue eating this way (my ice cream thoughts from yesterday are gone, lol), I wanted to see what 30 full days of this program would really do for my weight. I did start working out, but have only been doing an intense workout for 2 days so far (today will be day 3). So this weight loss really is all about eating right.

Drum roll please…

I am down a total of 9.7 pounds! Hubby is down about 15! 

I don’t plan to weigh myself constantly going forward just because my Whole30 is over. I feel so good that aside from really wanting to know this morning, weight doesn’t matter much to me at this point. 

Here’s to finishing the Whole30, finding a healthy way to eat that we can maintain, finding a workout program I’m excited about, and magically losing some weight over the last month! I still seriously believe owning the book matters. At least it has for me. I know they sell both The Whole30 book and It Starts with Food on their website HERE. I would really recommend reading both!

Whole30… Thank you!

Whole30 Day 30 – we did THE WHOLE 30!!!!

Today, as the last day for our Whole30 program, we decided to just eat some amazing meals! Why make amazing on the last day? Because we wanted a reminder of why we don’t. want. to. stop. Though I must admit, I am really excited to get on the scale tomorrow morning… just want to see if I actually lost weight!

This last 30 days has been incredible for us. We feel better. We look better. We are happier. We have more energy. The list of benefits we have seen from completing the Whole30 program goes on and on and on!

IMG_4807.JPGBreakfast this morning was a great frittata (or egg bake, or whatever you’d like to call it). Hubby and I and our teenaged son all ate it and enjoyed it! The one I made was a slight variation from this recipe that can be found on The Petite Professional. Everyone in the family really loves these things and they’re great to make the night before and heat up in the morning. As long as everyone only eats his or her share (HA!), it can last 2 mornings for a family of 4. I personally love meals I can make ahead of time so I don’t have to think. This is especially true in the mornings!

IMG_4810.JPGLunch for me was leftover artichoke chicken from last night. The boys had kale salads with homemade ranch, turkey meatballs, walnuts and raisins (yum!!!). 

After lunch I decided to prep for dinner as we’re having my father-in-law in town for a visit tonight. I made some awesome balsamic vinaigrette (p.328, The Whole30) and chopped a bunch of walnuts in my little food processor. When I have family over, I like to be as prepared as possible for any cooking I may need to do in an attempt to keep myself visiting instead of in the kitchen! Doing the prep work ahead of time just makes my life so much easier, lol!

IMG_4819.JPGFor dinner I made walnut-crusted pork (p.252, The Whole30) which we had over my new baked balsamic zucchini recipe, topped with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. We included side salads and apple slices with the meal as well. The meal was awesome! The kids ate everything on their plates, zucchini, salads, and apple slices included 🙂 It always makes me happy when our kids enjoy the Whole30 meals I make, because the two of them (and actually hubby included) can be extremely picky eaters!

After dinner we were talking with my hubby’s dad and we actually ended up ordering him The Whole30 book. We’ve purchased this book for several people lately, and the main reason is that it works wonders! And we want other people to feel this good too. I am also very fond of actually owning the book, which I know I have mentioned before. I love looking through the recipes again and again, rereading things to remind myself of how I used to feel, and of course I super love looking at the Non-Scale Victories!

So, our Whole30 experience is officially over. I’m not sure if we’ll add anything tomorrow (though a small Blizzard sure sounds awful yummy right now!), but I am glad we made it through to the end! I will continue writing about food (and will have one more Whole30 post about the SCALE!), the things we eat each day, and of course the fitness programs I’m in the middle of doing. But these posts will probably move to their own separate area under our Healthy Eating category (something we’re adding since we’ve completed the Whole30). Hubby and I are both extremely excited to continue on this healthy path and hope we can maintain it for the most part for a long time to come. While we release we may have a treat here or there, mind back on Blizzard, lol, we hope to continue having a healthy relationship with food and not use it as a reward or go back to eating out of boredom. This is the right way to eat and we will continue it. I hope to start creating more of my own recipes that are Whole30 compliant and gluten-free to assist others who are also working to get healthy.

Whole30 Day 30… WOW! We feel INCREDIBLE!

Whole30 Day 29 – so much cooking!!!

Today was a super busy day! Not only is it a Monday (always busy), but I also did my push ups this morning and started a new workout routine, along with having a zillion things to cook!

I made awesome crispy bacon right when I got into the kitchen this morning. We had some of the bacon with eggs and sweet potato hash browns. 

I then took the rest of the bacon and made a frittata with sweet potatoes on the bottom, followed by the crispy bacon, then came eggs mixed with spinach, and I topped it off with thin slices of tomato. Totally awesome! That will be our breakfast tomorrow and Wednesday (if the kids don’t eat a bunch of it too, haha). 

Next on the list to make… Chicken meatballs. These have become a big thing for us on our Whole30 journey because everyone likes them, they go great with lots of things, and I can make a ton of them at once! 

We ran out of ranch last night, and we needed it for our lunchtime salads. So I made a double batch of mayo and turned a cup of it into ranch. And… this gadget is now my NEW FAVORITE THING! It’s called the Oster 2-Speed Hand Blender with Cup and the thing is AWESOME! My model is red, which is pretty cool, but it’s the same thing and I definitely do NOT want to be without it now! I’ve had it sitting in a cupboard (still in the box, with manual) for as long as I can remember and today was the first time I pulled it out and used it! I have never made mayo so quickly before today! And thankfully, it’s not all that expensive, so I can get a new one if mine breaks… from overuse, ha! I honestly cannot stress enough how much making sauces and consistently having them on hand have helped us make it this far! Check out the Whole30 sauces page here, and give one or two sauces a try. 

Artichoke & Tomato ChickenFinally, dinner. I put artichoke hearts in the bottom of my Dutch oven. I then added some sun dried tomatoes and largely chopped white onion (about 1/2 a large onion). Keep in mind when buying artichoke hearts in a jar or sun-dried tomatoes that there could be non-Whole30 compliant ingredients… get the brands with all compliant ingredients (like the oil for the artichoke hearts… took me a while at the store to find a compliant brand). Put some chicken on top, chopped into about 2 inch pieces, added the juice from a lemon, covered it all with water, and let it sit at 350 for about 3 hours. We like our chicken to fall apart when touched, so I tend to cook mine for a long time. If I had any leftover bacon, I would totally add that too. Unfortunately, I’m all out. This recipe could also be done on low in a crock pot, for those who don’t have a Dutch oven or can’t watch the oven as needed. I’ve posted my artichoke & tomato chicken recipe up in our recipes section. I hope it’s as enjoyable for others as it was for our family!

Whole30 Day 29… can’t believe we’re almost done!

Whole30 Day 28 – bacon!

Today was a great day! We ate awesome, as we’ve been doing for a full 28 days now, and we just had a really nice and relaxing day 🙂

I actually bought my girlfriend in NY the Whole30 book. It’s going to arrive at her place TOMORROW! So excited that she’s getting it and will be able to just have it on hand. It’s really been key for us. Being able to pick up the book, read through and remember how crappy I felt before, and leaf through it for more recipes makes this whole program easier for me! I bought it for my mom too, haha! Hope they both like the book as much as I do!

IMG_4788.JPGHubby ate the leftover frittata from yesterday for a late breakfast, we finished off everything we had in our fridge for lunch (bit of a mess, but it all needed to be eaten and was all compliant), and I made some bacon to top our dinner salads:) Finding the right kind of bacon with no sugar in it was not easy, which is rather annoying. It doesn’t need sugar, so why add it?? The Whole9Life site has great bacon info here, check it out! The Whole30 book has a way to make perfect bacon on page 162 of the book, and YES! The bacon was perfect. We prefer our bacon super crispy, and this came out exactly how we like it!

I did do my grocery shopping today, think I have about 3 days worth ready to roll. Granted, our Whole30 technically ends on Tuesday, Wednesday being day 31, but we don’t really want to feel like crap again. We did discuss pizza tonight, but we both know we’ll feel terrible if we eat that, so hopefully day 31 can be just like today and all the rest of the days on the Whole30 program… healthy eating and feeling good.

Whole30 Day 28… mmmmmmm BACON!


Whole30 Day 27 – new breakfast recipe!! Yum!

Happy Independence Day to everyone! 🙂

IMG_4782.JPGAlong with celebrating the 4th of July, I am also celebrating the fact that I found a new recipe for breakfast! On The Petite Professional website, I found a recipe for Sweet Potato Crusted Kale & Bacon Egg Bake. It was AMAZING. I actually baked mine in a Pyrex Pie Panbecause it’s what I had on hand that would work pretty much the same as a cast iron skillet. I did change the recipe up just a little bit, as I used fresh kale (I didn’t have any frozen) and I added tomato slices to about half of it (just because I love me some tomato!). The tomato turned out to be an excellent addition, and I doubt using fresh kale versus frozen made much of a difference. Hubby and I both think next time we’ll try to figure out how to get the bacon to be crispier… we love crispy bacon! All in all, this recipe was awesome! And just in time, as I was getting a little bored with the things I’ve been making recently. This is Whole30 Day 27… we have 3 days until we’ve completed the Whole30 program, and food boredom is not going to mess it up!

Lunch today was the same old stuff… salad with the steak I fixed yesterday, lol. I am still really digging the cilantro-lime mayo, though I must admit, I also add extra lime to mine because lime. is. awesome. I also want to try making some other sauces. This site has some Whole30 compliant sauces and dips that look really good, it’s called Planks, Love & Guacamole. And of course the Whole30 site has a dressings and sauces area as well. I think making some sauces with different flavors will really help me keep this going beyond the 30 days. It’s not that we will be 100% all Whole30 necessarily, but we really like how we feel, so eating like this as much as we can (forever!) will really benefit us greatly!

IMG_4786.JPGDinner tonight was awesome. With the rest of the leftover cilantro-lime mayo, I made guacamole. I added about half a tomato (diced), a little more lime juice, and about 2/3 of an avocado. It was so good! I then made some kale chips and heated up the last of the steak, and that was dinner! It was really good. The steak dipped in guacamole was super fantastic, I could eat that again and again! Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the kale chips because they weren’t “oh so good” like I’ve had friends tell me they are. Maybe I did it wrong or something. I have no idea why they weren’t super awesome, but I will certainly try again in the future… maybe I’ll get it right next time! 🙂

As I finish up this post, I can hear fireworks going off around our neighborhood. We didn’t make any plans this year, but I’m hoping we can get a glimpse of a show from our deck.

Whole30 Day 27… HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!


Whole30 Day 26 – fixed the steak, lol

Yeah, so I mentioned in my post yesterday that hubby wasn’t too fond of the steak I made to go on our salads. I totally fixed it today. About 2 hours in a dutch oven at 350, covered in water, and now it falls apart when I touch it. Just the way hubby likes it 🙂 We do our best to not waste any food, so I had to fix the steak… I don’t claim to be perfect, but wasted stead, especially when I buy more expensive grass fed steaks, is a no-no!

So we’re only a few days from finishing and I have to be honest. I cannot wait to get on that scale! I know my waist is smaller. I feel way better. Just a few more days!

We had the usual for breakfast, salad for lunch (chicken), and steak salad for dinner. This is a short post because I’m watching a movie with hubby. But I didn’t want to forget to post 🙂

Whole30 Day 25 – cilantro-lime mayo is so yummy!

I can’t believe we’re almost done with our first Whole30. It’s still weird how incredibly great we feel just because we’re eating healthy now! Hubby still feels awesome… heartburn hasn’t been rearing it’s ugly head, his stomach hasn’t gotten bloated, and he’s sleeping much better. I am also still sleeping really well, have no heartburn, and have way more energy than I ever did before!

avocadoFor dinner tonight, I made steak salad with cilantro-lime mayo (p.220, The Whole30). It was really good. Hubby had his salad with ranch (ranch recipe here). Unfortunately, some of the meat was chewier than we usually like it, so I don’t think hubby was all that impressed with the meal this time around. I really liked it though. I also included avocado on my salad, which I just love! For some reason, I often forget about avocados even though I absolutely love them!

I think I need to figure out some other things I can make with avocados. The Whole30 book has a guacamole recipe that I might try sometime soon. Maybe to go with carnitas… yum! I very recently ate dinner and just thinking about other yummy dishes is making me hungry, haha. I think I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow though, so it’s probably good to plan some things out now.

Whole30 Day 25… done!

Whole30 Day 24 – the scale is screaming at me!

Seriously, I need to get some evil looking googly eyes to glue onto my scale. It’s totally been yelling at me to “hop on” cause “you know you want to” all freaking day! What’s up with that?? Bottom line, my scale is a complete jerk. And I won’t fall for it!

My transformation has been incredible. I’m following the Whole30 rules, getting support from hubby an my friends, and doing my best to support them back. I’ve attempted to maintain a positive attitude through it all, not always easy, and I feel really good. 

This is the end of day 24. We have 6 more days and I’m starting to get nervous. Funny enough, the book and this reintroduction information the Whole30 site both mention this exact feeling. Like a “now what” sort of feeling. I’m afraid I’ll get into the mindset that just because I can reintroduce things, I must reintroduce all the things! That can’t be how it works. But I do know myself. Which means I know I need to prep myself for the end of my Whole30. 

I currently plan to continue eating like this indefinitely. I like not snacking. I like eating yummy healthy meals. Fast food is gross and I want it to stay gone. I like feeling good 99% of the time. So right now I’m just all up in my own silly head, worrying because Whole30 has made me virtually stress-free, and we can’t have that, can we, brain? Nope. Must. Add. Stress. 

weight-scale-funnySo today. Food. Breakfast was the usual, eggs, sweet potato hash browns, and turkey meatballs (we’re out of sausage). Lunch was chicken salad, om nom nom! I made a variation of the pork chops with apple spiced apple sauce recipe (page 258, The Whole30), except that I didn’t make the apple sauce spicy. And I was completely out of apple cider, so I just made all that stuff myself by simmering apples on the stove for a while… the apples became the sauce, the liquid became the cider. It was super good! If I can really keep making good food without allowing myself to slip into complete laziness, we should be able to eat well forever 🙂

making apple sauce at home

IMG_4754.JPGThis isn’t a crazy complicated recipe or anything, but I need apple sauce for the Whole30 recipe I’m making for dinner tonight and I don’t have any. It’s also super hard to find it without added sugar!!  

So.. Apples. In a pan. With water. Simmer. Stir. Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp allspice. Simmer. Mash. Done and done. Don’t waste time at the grocery store searching for that one brand that doesn’t add unnecessary sugar. Use the apples you have (even bruised ones) and make your own apple sauce. I personally don’t like to put mine in a blender or food processor because I like it to have a little chi lines to it. But that’s literally how I make my apple sauce these days:)

I’m also going to indulge you with an image of the final product… IMG_4757.JPG