bye bye belly fat!

A good friend of mine sent me this article called What I Tell My Patients About Belly Fat + How To Get Rid Of It. She said it basically sums up her Whole30 experience, and after reading it, it sums up my Whole30 experience too!

Whole30 is all about eating healthy and eliminating all that crazy excess sugar that can be found in virtually everything on grocery store shelves. It’s actually rather gross when you really think about it. Since starting Whole30, I have almost no sugar cravings, I don’t need to one of the many Americans who, according to the article, are “overdosing on sugar, consuming an average of 22 to 30 teaspoons each day.” And it’s pretty disgusting that I probably used to consume that much sugar… if not more! I know I drank a ton of Coke. Yum. That being said, no wonder I have all this lovely belly fat!

I’ve been doing the one hundred push ups training program (today was day 2), and it kind of makes me feel gross with my belly just “hanging out there” while I do my push ups. Like really gross feeling. And this article goes into quite a bit about getting rid of that fat, all things that Whole30 has already been helping me with (except the exercise, that’s on me and I just started). 

sleep-number-bunnyThe article mentions sleep. Something I’ve always had an issue with. Following the Whole30 program helps me sleep better! I wake up rested, refreshed, and energetic! It’s amazing! The Whole9Life website even has a whole section all about sleep that has some really good articles to read. When I started eating according to Whole30, I honestly didn’t believe that just eating right would make much of a difference. It totally does and I am a full believer now! I actually get about 8 solid hours of sleep a night. Seriously! It feels so good to wake up and not be dragging my feet, or feeling like I need to sleep another zillion hours. Not to mention, it is amazing how much I’ve been able to get done each day after a full night’s rest!

So back to the article. It basically says to lose the belly fat, we need to eat real food, manage stress, cut out food sensitivities, get 8 hours of deep sleep, and exercise regularly. Like I already mentioned, Whole30 can’t exercise for me (though it would be nice if it could, haha), but the rest has been pretty much taking care of itself, just by following the Whole30 program! It’s no joke, this program is magic… and thankfully we can keep it going after 30 days, just slowly reintroducing things one at a time… or not. I have no cravings for bread, so why reintroduce it? I also don’t think about sugar much anymore… so why would I want to go back to drinking a zillion grams of it in soda every day? My relationship with food has changed. And it rocks!

So here’s to continuing on my journey, adding in some exercise… bye bye belly fat!

one hundred push ups – week1 – day 2

IMG_4732.JPGWow am I sore! I could barely pump out the last set, and I took all the breaks!!!

So here’s the one hundred push ups week 1 day 2 sets I did

  • 6 push ups
  • Up to 90 second break
  • 8 push ups
  • Up to 90 second break
  • 6 push ups
  • Up to 90 second break
  • 6 push ups
  • Up to 90 second break
  • Max (at least 7 push ups) – I barely managed to do 8

So 34 push ups today! Yowza!! That’s pretty dang exciting 🙂

My girlfriend in NY finished hers this morning too. She managed 10 for the max, so she did 36 push ups! WOOHOO! We are totally on a roll!

I do know this would be a lot harder if we were still the junk we used to eat before Whole30. My girlfriend in NY just said “sugar is the devil” and at this point, I agree with that statement, haha! Hubby and I are currently on Whole30 Day 24, and we’ve decided that even if we do add a little food back here or there, we are mainly going to stick to this type of diet going forward. And we most definitely do NOT want to add crappy fast food back into our lives! It’s just gross stuff. Totally not worth it. Our health and our kids’ health needs to come first!

Whole30 Day 23 – thankful for leftovers!

One of my finger nails was injured last night by one of my puppies. He was overly excited and I now have a small hole in my finger nail. It super hurts so I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking today because it was painful. 

I made turkey meatballs this morning (the only cooking I did was breakfast, lol) to eat with our eggs, and hash browns.

IMG_4736.PNGThe rest of the day we just heated up dinner from last night, which was still really good today! I am so glad we had the leftovers to eat today. My finger hurts just typing, so if I’d had to cook today, I may have just given up. For some reason, I really wanted a Coke today. Just one soda. No idea why I was thinking about it so much but I total was. Like all day, haha. But we did make it through Whole30 Day 23 without any issues, whew 🙂

I think maybe I’ll take a look at more of the recipes Whole30 has on their site this week (the Whole30 recipes can be found here). I have a few days planned out already, but then I want to make something new and different. 

Being sore from push ups and having a super painful finger nail (so glad it didn’t fall off or anything), today was kind of a bummer. I do feel really good though and I feel super skinny today! 

We do week 1, day 2 of push ups tomorrow. Should take a little longer than yesterday’s push ups did and I’ll have to figure out how to keep my finger off the ground while I do them, but I’m excited to keep going on the program!!

Whole30 Day 22 – love my dutch oven!

Yeah, I was totally not in the mood to make lunch today, Whole30 Day 22… why make lunch… or dinner for that matter? Let’s just eat boring old kale and move on. Guess this is where people fall off. It wasn’t that I didn’t want Whole30 compliant lunch and dinner… I just didn’t want to bleeping cook. Want to know my solution? My dutch oven (could’ve been a crock pot, for anyone who doesn’t have a dutch oven). It rocked both lunch AND dinner, at the SAME TIME!! Woohoo!

So what did I do? I cut half an onion in big chunks, sauteed them in clarified butter in the dutch oven (seriously, I love this particular one –  Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven) on the stove. Moved them to a bowl. I then seared 4 chicken breasts (with salt and pepper sprinkled on) in my dutch oven. Then I added the onion back, along with a sweet potato (chopped into large chunks) and carrots. I put the lid on the dutch oven, threw it in my oven set at 350 for about 90 minutes, and BAM! I had 4 chicken breasts that were falling apart when touched, just the way hubby likes it! When I pulled it out of the oven, I immediately added a bit of kale and put the lid back on… it doesn’t take much for kale to shrink down and be “cooked” lol. We used 2 chicken breasts for salad at lunch, and we had the remaining 2 chicken breasts (along with the onion, sweet potato, carrots and kale) for dinner! DONE AND DONE! All at once. Super score!

This also could have been done in a crock pot, cooking all day. Get home, add kale 10 minutes before eating, then eat half for dinner, second half with salad for lunch. Win-win when you have to take something to the office tomorrow 🙂


I am trying to spread inspiration today! And I really just found this picture amusing. Haha. No real good reason to use it other than that! Still here, still available to help support anyone who needs it. Together, we can do Whole30. And if someone else is interested in adding to Whole30… like throwing in a push ups program or another exercise program, I’d love to hear about it!

need support in your Whole30 (or other diet or exercise) journey?

I have seen so many different places to go to get support and help on diets. I know the Whole30/Whole9Life website has a forum here, and I’m sure there are groups in Facebook. There’s actually a whole conversation about support groups on Whole30 going on right now… find that conversation (and some awesome responses to it) right here!

diet-hungry-boredSo far, I have been texting my girlfriend in NY and talking to hubby (duh) daily about how we’re all feeling, where we’re all at, and our frustrations, mood swings, anything. We discuss the positive and the negative. So I wanted to throw it out there to anyone else doing Whole30, or another diet, who’s having issues… I am on this site all day, every day. Trying to make it better, more informative (yes, I’m working on adding more recipes!!), and just make it awesome. That being said, I will respond to every comment I see on this site.

If you’re having a bad day or really want to eat that piece of cake, let me know! I’ll slam you with positivity and motivation! I also tweet funny pictures, motivational pictures, and things I know help me out on a daily basis (in case you have no interest in jumping into comments here, but still want some positive, inspiring motivation, follow me on Twitter). 

I’m not sponsored in any way by Whole30 or any other diet type, but Whole30 has been slowly changing our lives for the better, and we are stoked!

Anyway, I just know I’ve need inspiration, motivation, and positivity as I go through my lifestyle changes from eating complete crap to homemade healthy food. We can all help each other! 🙂 Just saying, I run my own site, I try to do it to the best of my ability, and I’m changing my life at the same time. So don’t get me wrong… I need support, inspiration, and motivation too! And it would be awesome if it could happen here since I’m already here basically 24/7, lol!

eating healthy on a budget

funny-bananaEating healthy on a budget can be difficult sometimes (or all the time). Fast food restaurants all have the dollar menu… the produce section (very unfortunately) does not. We’ve been doing Whole30 for about 3 weeks now and the list of food we can eat is pretty long, Whole30 even has a shopping list to help us all out, but it’s all healthy and fresh (yay healthy!)… therefore it’s more expensive (frustrating). However, there are a few things we can all do to make healthy eating cheaper.

Aim to purchase vegetables that are in season. If food isn’t in season, the price goes up… you know, because there isn’t as much of a supply when it’s not currently being harvested. Some fruits and vegetables can be very easily canned and stored for use during their off season which can give you more choices later in the year without having to spend more on the same item. Canning fruits and vegetables can save quite a bit of money. Especially if you shop at your local farmer’s market and buy the “ugly fruit” – you know, the peaches that don’t look perfect, yet they’re perfectly edible? Yeah, buy those. They’re fine, and you can cut them up, can them, and have awesome peaches all winter long!

I also use two apps on my phone that help me earn money when I go grocery shopping… I’m sure there are a lot more, but these are the two I use:

  1. Ibotta – Ibotta is a great app. You just unlock rebates and go shopping! It allows you to link your store loyalty card for some stores so you don’t have to upload a receipt. I’ve also seen some “any brand” rebates for things like eggs or bacon, both of which are allowed (bacon only if it doesn’t contain sugars) on Whole30 (the diet program I’m currently on). Ibotta also tends to have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on the rebate list, which is fantastic since we’re eating a lot of those!
  2. SavingStar – SavingStar has at least one healthy offer of the week. It’s usually a fruit or vegetable. Pick the item, go shopping, upload your receipt, DONE. You can also link some of your store loyalty cards to this app, making it a no-brainer!

The great thing about these apps is that they give you either a set amount (maybe 20 cents, sometimes more, sometimes less) per item on your list. So if you manage to find a coupon for healthy food (it’s hard but occasionally I find one for eggs or bacon), then you can use the coupon at the store and you’ll get the rebate for the item through the app. It’s a total win-win!

I know there are other ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank, but these are the ones (along with coupons when I can find them for fresh fruit and veggies) are the ones I use. It does help, and it’s awesome to get a little extra money every once in a while for doing almost nothing!

it’s monday morning. coffee. coffee. more coffee.


Ah, Monday morning. The day of the week that we should totally be allowed to skip all together.

Today will be Whole30 Day 22! Today I begin my pushups! Today is going to be an awesome day. Whole30 AND Fitness! Moving forward… adding the fitness to my routine.

I have my alarm set on my calendar to go off at noon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do my pushups. I figure that’ll be right before lunch, which is perfect. It should only take about 10 or so minutes a day to knock out the pushups. At least at the beginning. I actually have no idea how long it takes to do 100 consecutive pushups. But I guess I’ll find out in about 6 weeks!

So I actually read about Whole30 Plus today. Basically, that’s adding something else to your Whole30 program. The examples they give are Whole30 plus quitting coffee. Or Whole30 plus an exercise routine.

As we’ve observed over the years, this can be a highly effective strategy for generating major health improvements quickly … or it can totally backfire, leaving you frustrated, full of self-doubt, and less healthy than when you started. So how do you know if doing a Whole30-Plus is right for you?

-The Pros and Cons of Whole30-Plus

After reading about Whole30 Plus, I feel good about waiting until today to start my pushups. And waiting until next Monday (which will be day 29) to start a full exercise program. I’ve given myself time to get used to the cooking, the food, the mood changes (for the better), the general energy level changes, and everything else I’ve experienced on Whole30. Now it’s time to step it up. I am so motivated and inspired!!!

Hopefully I won’t make a mess of things by adding to our current Whole30 experience. I truly believe I will feel even better after rocking some exercise! 🙂

Whole30 Day 21 – sluggish, really?

Yes, really. I was feeling mad sluggish today. Texted my girlfriend in NY and she said she’s been feeling that way too and maybe part of it is the weather. It was gross and rainy all day yesterday. And today, even though it’s not raining, the sun isn’t exactly shining and warm. It’s kind of blah and overcast out today. Plus, feeling fat and gross this morning didn’t help my overall mood.

yoda-not-thinking-clearlySo, today NY girlfriend asked me if I took a picture before starting Whole30. Umm… no. I did not. And now I am massively annoyed that it didn’t occur to me to take a picture! I can feel that I’m down in pounds. I can feel my clothes fitting looser. Unfortunately for my dummy self, I won’t be able to see that progress when I’m done. ‘Tis a sad day on Whole30 Day 21 to realize I won’t be able to see awesome progress like this guy on the Whole30 blog… he was smart. He took a picture. And just look at the difference! I would love it if I had been thinking clearly enough to consider taking a picture. That’s just it though… NOW I’m thinking clearly. Now that I’ve been on Whole30 for 21 days. Prior to this, I was scatter-brained and thinking ahead was not my thing. Ah well. Guess I’ll just have to settle for taking pictures when I start the bikini body exercise program on July 6th 🙂


Yeah, just “food” – our breakfasts and lunches are so consistently the same every day that I don’t really see the point in outlining every meal each day anymore. Feels good… not focusing on food, focusing on how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and just enjoying sharing it. So, usual breakfast, usual dinner, meatballs with awesome tomato sauce for dinner (with healthy, Whole30 compliant sides of course!). So, from here on out, I don’t think I’ll be posting about each and every meal. Unless I have something new and amazing, in which case I will most certainly try to post a link to to the recipe online or give information on which page in The Whole30 book the recipe is on.

On another note, hubby’s belt has tightened, which is awesome. I have some shorts fitting looser. We feel good. Although I was a bit sluggish today (I know, I already said that, ha), I am still feeling really good for the most part. Our lives are becoming more and more awesome just because we’ve eliminated junk from our diets. I mean, I haven’t even started exercising yet!! My excitement about exercising is growing. It’s awesome!

Whole30 Day 21… hubby’s belt moved at least 2 inches, woot!

having a fat morning on Whole30

Well, we’re on Whole30 day 21, you can see on The Whole30 Timeline that part of day 21 is “I am so over this.” I am feeling fat and gross. Maybe it’s just a bit of moodiness making me feel like this, maybe it’s because I rotted my brain away a bit last night watching shows and weddings… and therefore wedding cakes, and snacks, and all the things I’m not eating. Definitely a bad idea on Whole30. Or any dieting program for that matter. Whatever it is, eggs were so not what I wanted this morning. 

I made a batch of chicken meatballs, thinking maybe that would help make me want to eat breakfast but alas, that tactic failed. They look and smell really good. I know hubby will be stoked to have them. But I still wasn’t in the mood to eat. 

Thankfully, my puppies really wanted eggs, so I knew I had to eat some breakfast to give them theirs. So I ate the eggs. But what I was really thinking…


Whole30 Day 20 – dinner in a lunchbox

Our Whole30 day 20 went well. Hubby and I are both still feeling really good eating just Whole30 food, which is great! I’m starting to get really excited about starting the one hundred pushups program on Monday. I think it’s going to be awesome and it would definitely be great to not be a weakling anymore!

mosquito-fatPlus, it’s summer and I would love to maintain this level of energy and get in shape so I can go hiking and do more things outdoors than I have been. Unfortunately, there are mosquitoes out in my area. Lots of nasty little mosquitoes. So I was researching mosquitoes online, seeing what I can do to make fewer of them grow around here (make sure no parts of the creek are stopped up, make sure there’s no standing water, etc.), and I found this picture. And I totally agree. I would be so super skinny!!! HAHAHA! I need fat-sucking mosquitoes! Scientists create other weird things (including some of the food I’m no longer eating… gross), so why not this?

Ok, on to our food for the day… today wasn’t all that exciting in terms of food, but we stuck to our Whole30 diet program and had a good day 🙂


Eggs. I just had plain eggs, over easy. Hubby had eggs, 2 chicken meatballs, and sweet potato hash browns. I think when he told me before that could eat breakfast for every meal, he meant it. Because he loves his breakfast every day 🙂


Before lunch I had to make some mayo and then some ranch so we could have our salads. I also went back to the Whole30 website and took a look at a bunch of the other sauces on the website and I need to try making a few more. Like the creamy dill and tzatziki sauce. Both of those look amazingly good!

We had the usual salads for lunch. Our oldest son had one as well. It’s totally rad that he likes the salads because they’re super easy to make and super yummy. Instead of just chicken on the salads today we had chicken meatballs. Adds a slightly different texture to the salad, but it’s still really yummy.


Eggs. I had eggs. I wanted, no… I needed eggs. Hahaha! I don’t know why, but that’s all I wanted! So I ate 3 eggs, over easy, for dinner. I ate it along with two chicken meatballs. It was super good.

Hubby left shortly after lunch today to go help a friend of a friend with her car that broke down right when she got into town for a wedding she’s in. Crazy bad luck, but it could have been way worse if hubby hadn’t been able to assist. Thankfully, he’s good with cars and was able to go down and swap the alternator for her while she went to the wedding. Glad she was able to make it into town instead of breaking down far away! So for hubby’s dinner, I packed him a kale salad with two chicken meatballs, walnuts, and raisins. I put ranch in the Fridge-to-Go in a separate container to make sure it didn’t make the kale all soggy before dinner time. He ate around 5:30pm, which is pretty much on schedule.

For days like today, I was glad I have the Fridge-to-Go. Not even kidding. I have a bunch of “insulated” lunchboxes, but none of them make as much as sense as the Fridge-to-Go– I’m not even kidding. We used to have 4 of them, but I gave one to my father-in-law because he really liked it. it’s just the perfect size for lunches, or a few bottles of water, or whatever. I also love the ice pack it comes with… I use the ice packs I have for all sorts of different things, haha. Sometimes I wish the lunchbox came with two ice packs because they’re such a great size!

Whole30 Day 20… fat-sucking mosquitoes… seriously, someone get on that!