Whole30 Day 6 – amazing BBQ ribs!

Not sure what’s up.. Come 6am, BOOM! I was up. Like wide. awake. up. As an FYI, it’s Saturday. A day I could have slept in. A day the rest of family used to sleep in. Not me though. Energy was high, thankfully cramping from last night did not continue into this morning, and there was lots to do!

This morning, at 6am, I made turkey sausages for myself and my family. I grated sweet potatoes for everyone’s breakfast. Then I made and ate my own breakfast. After breakfast I had my coffee and the started making more clarified butter (or ghee or whatever you’d like to call it). This time I started with 2 pounds of butter. The process is a bit of a pain and it does last quite a long time (6 months in the fridge or 3 out on the counter), so I figured making a lot now when I have time will make things easier for me down the road.


We really enjoy the sausage, sweet potato hash browns, and eggs breakfast. Until we get tired of it, it’ll be our go-to breakfast.

I ate early. It’s Saturday, so hubby slept in and didn’t eat breakfast until it was almost time for me to have lunch. Both of us feel really energized today!


I had the last of the leftover pork chops and spiced applesauce over arugula. I really like this meal, though hubby thinks it’s an odd combination and doesn’t like it nearly as much as I do.

Because of how late hubby had breakfast, he didn’t eat lunch, just waited for dinner. Our energy levels remained high throughout the afternoon, which was awesome!

After double checking my ribs recipe for dinner tonight and checking the fridge, I realized we were almost out of BBQ sauce. I made more, but instead of adding apple cider, I added some actual apple chunks to the mix. This made the BBQ sauce a little sweeter, which I thought tasted wonderful!


whole30-bbq-ribsDinner took about an hour and a half to cook. I made BBQ ribs (p. 256, The Whole30), cooking them in the oven. This was my first time ever making ribs, so I was pretty nervous that they’d taste like crap, be undercooked, be burned, etc. Lucky for us, they came out great! We all (kids included) loved the ribs! I served them with a side salad and a bowl of apple slices for all of us to share. Hubby and I had ours with the BBQ sauce I made earlier, but our kids chose to have theirs with regular BBQ sauce.

Incredibly, energy levels remained high and steady well into the evening! Both hubby and I feel really good, neither of us have had heartburn or bloating since we started Whole30. This is amazing for us, as those were daily occurrences for hubby prior to starting this program.

Way later in the evening I made breakfast again. Since hubby had only had 2 meals, he was hungry. And for some reason, I was hungry too. Instead of snacking, I ate eggs and sausage. And hubby had breakfast as a late dinner.

Still both felt amazing before bed, so this appears to be working as the book promises!

Whole30 Day 6… awesome energy!

Whole30 Day 5 – 1/6 of the way there!

Today went pretty well… we’re 1/6 of the way through the program. So far I am really loving all this awesome cooking! I feel like a professional chef, haha!


We had sweet potato hash browns, a leftover burger (instead of sausage), and eggs. As usual, it was super yummy!

I ate shortly after getting up this morning. I actually woke up just before 6am, before my alarm, feeling awesome! I was full of energy and ready to hit the day running!

After breakfast I went grocery shopping for the next few days of food. When I got home I got all our veggies cut and the roast we’re having for dinner into the crock pot. Energy level was still high!

Hubby wasn’t hungry at all when he got up and ate around 11am.


I had leftover pork chops and applesauce over arugula. Hubby didn’t eat lunch because he ate breakfast so late.

After lunch I got crazy tired. I’m not really the type to nap, but I had to take a 20 minute power nap today just to be able to keep going!

I was instantly refreshed after my nap, even though it was pretty short. Energy levels back on track, I got the ribs rubbed down and back in the fridge, ready for dinner tomorrow night. I’ve never made ribs before, so hopefully it goes well tomorrow!

Both hubby and I had a small handful of walnuts around 3pm.


whole30-pot-roastWe had pot roast (p. 348, The Whole30). List ingredients. We also had apple slices and cherries as our fruits. Like the other dinners this week, both kids cleared their plates and said it was good.

I was fine after dinner, all was ok, until about 7pm. Then my stomach started cramping up like crazy and hurt really bad. It’s still on and off cramping as I write this, and I will therefore be going to bed shortly. I hope I don’t feel like this when I wake up tomorrow.. It hurts!

Hubby feels good, which is wonderful! He also said he feels like he can focus better, leaving out fewer words when typing really quickly, making fewer typos, etc. Interesting change, but it’s very cool to see how much better we’re bother feeling overall on this program!

Whole30 Day 5… Boo belly!

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Hubby and I have had sweet potato home fries a few times for breakfast as we navigate the Whole30 program. This morning, I just wasn’t in the mood for them. I wanted something different, something crispy.

sweet potato hash browns are easy to make!

sweet-potato-hash-brownsInstead of chopping a sweet potato into cubes, I grated it and made restaurant style hash browns! I then melted my clarified butter and browned them over medium-high heat. The sweet potato hash browns turned out awesome! The weird thing is that they actually tasted sweeter than the home fries I’ve made, and they had the crunch I wanted this morning. I made some eggs to go with them and am now full and ready to roll through the rest of my day.

I got up before my alarm today, awake and in a good mood. I have plenty of energy and am hoping the energy level stays constant throughout the day.

Whole30 Day 4 – om nom nom… burgers!

Today was pretty good. I was feeling a little tired this morning… then a girlfriend of mine who is also doing Whole30 (she’s on day 11 right now) gave me some inspiration! She texted me and said she feels fantastic! She woke up before her alarm, wide awake and in a great mood! As she put it “day 11 is about to get crushed by me!” and that’s now how I feel about day 4… hubby and I CRUSHED IT!


We had the “diner breakfast” again. The runny eggs (or dippy eggs as I like to call them), along with sweet potato home fries with green pepper, and homemade turkey sausage.

We were full after breakfast as we have been all week, made it lunch with no cravings, no wanting to snack, no issues!


IMG_4654We rocked the “pork chops with spiced applesauce” recipe (page 258, The Whole30) for lunch today. The pork chops I bought were pretty small, so we each had 2 and I made enough to have leftovers tomorrow. The applesauce had (**drum roll, please**) APPLE CIDER in it! I am really glad I made some the other day, as several recipes have since required it. The recipe also calls for the chops and applesauce to be served over frisee, but we used arugula and it was fantastic!

No issues after lunch. I didn’t get tired mid-afternoon today which is good, and hubby was feeling really good after lunch too!


whole30-hamburger-dinnerIf you’ve gotten this far, then you obviously (or hopefully, I should say) read today’s title… OM NOM NOM… BURGERS! That’s right, we had burgers for dinner tonight and they were delicious! I made the eggplant buns (page 173, The Whole30) and the sweet potato buns (page 174, The Whole30). I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make both because I wasn’t sure which ones we would like. Turns out I was right to make both… I got just 2 solid buns out of the eggplant, enough for 1 burger. I have no idea what I did wrong, but most of my eggplant buns fell apart and were mushy and unusable which was a bummer. The sweet potato buns turned out really well and were super easy to make. To top off our burger, we had the tangy BBQ sauce I made and mustard (Whole30 compliant 100% Natural French’s Mustard), along with a slice of tomato and some baby spinach leaves. The only issue with the burgers is that the “buns” don’t give like bread, so getting a real bite can be a bit challenging. Next time I make burgers I will attempt to make the actual burgers a bit thinner to solve this problem!

Feeling really good after dinner, sill have some energy left (though I’m not sure how much), and I am ready to kick back and hang with the family! Hubby is feeling good too… no problematic gut, no heartburn for either of us… YAY!

Whole30 Day 4… CRUSHED IT!

Whole30 Day 3 – I’m tired & love a frittata

So it’s official, I was really tired today. All. Day. Today. It was a bit of a bummer to be tired, but I know from reading the Whole30 book that there will be days that I’m tired, so at least it’s not a surprise.


whole30-spinach-frittataI made the “spinach frittata” recipe (page 203, The Whole30) today. It was awesome. As you can see, my picture shows the Whole30 book (left, hope that’s ok) and then the one I made (right). I think I got pretty dang close! I showed our 8 year old son and his only issue with my frittata was, and I quote, “the one in the book has 5 tomatoes on it. Yours only has 4.” If that’s the only complaint… one tomato short… I am a happy camper! Hubby and I both really enjoyed the frittata, which was nice because neither of us was really expecting to like it. I do not have a skillet that I can transfer from the stove top to the oven. So I had to check out the cooking variations in the book and transfer mine from a skillet to a pie pan before putting it in the oven. Wasn’t an issue and still came out fantastic!

Hubby’s stomach was a little messed up when he woke up this morning, so he didn’t have breakfast until kind of late. We’re so used to his stomach being screwed up that it wasn’t really a big deal, but we’re still extremely optimistic that this Whole30 program will help with his stomach issues!


Leftovers from last night. Let me just say, having walnut-crusted pork without having to do anything put make a salad is awesome! I was also happy we were able to have leftovers because I have to take our youngest son to a birthday party tonight and dinner needs to be ready for hubby and our older son before I walk out the door. So having last night’s dinner for lunch made it so I had plenty of time to make dinner before walking out the door at 5pm.

I’m still really tired. I had to take a little power nap after lunch today. Hubby ate lunch about an hour or so after me because he had breakfast late due to his stomach problems. I can’t wait to have more energy and have hubby’s stomach feeling good!


whole30-melissas-chicken-hashI made the “melissa’s chicken hash” recipe (page 228, The Whole30) for dinner tonight. This meal calls for 1/4 cup apple cider. Guess it’s a good think I made some yesterday! This chicken hash is a one-pot meal, which made it great and easy for hubby to just heat up and serve while I was out tonight. They both really liked it, they liked it so much that they ate it all! Not that I minded, I only made the exact recipe, which serves 2. Plus, all I could think about while smelling that amazing pizza and cake was the leftover frittata from breakfast… yum! So that’s what I ended up having for dinner.

Hubby feels good tonight. Said he had a little more energy today, which is awesome for him! And his stomach was a little rocked this morning, but not nearly as bad as it’s been in the past, and it isn’t bad tonight.

As I type this, I am very tired. I hope dragging like this goes away soon and the high energy kicks in!

Whole30 Day 3… dragging on..

Whole30 Day 2 – more sauces!

Ah, day 2. I woke up today feeling pretty good. I was expecting to have a headache or be annoyed with every little thing, but my morning was normal.


whole30-diner-breakfastAs I mentioned yesterday, we had the diner breakfast again this morning. This time though… I remembered to take a picture! So this breakfast has sweet potato home fries with some green pepper, 2 homemade turkey sausages (I made 8 yesterday, so we had yesterday’s leftovers this morning), and 2 runny eggs. You know, until this Whole30 thing, I didn’t even know my husband liked his eggs runny! Crazy!

We both felt full but not bloated or overly stuffed after breakfast. I don’t feel super energetic or anything, but so far I am really enjoying the food. Both hubby and I agree that this is the best food we’ve had in a long time!

BBQ & Buffalo!

I made tangy BBQ sauce (page 322, The Whole30) and buffalo sauce (page 304, The Whole30) after breakfast today. I wasn’t going to make any sauces today as I was feeling a little sauced out after yesterday. But I’ve already planned to have buffalo chicken over salad with ranch for lunch today, so the sauce making needed to happen. The BBQ sauce required some apple cider. I didn’t have any and I couldn’t find any at the grocery store, so I decided to make my own! I found this apple cider recipe over at allrecipes.com and followed all the instructions minus the sugar. Turned out great! Both sauces are really good and I’ll be saving the BBQ sauce for burgers we’re planning to have later on in the week.


We had the buffalo chicken over salad with ranch dressing for lunch. It was awesome! We each had 3 slices of Granny Smith apple as well. Hubby has actually been eating the tomato chunks I put on his salad these 2 days, which is awesome because he usually isn’t a fan of it. He still isn’t a fan of the avocado that I like to include on some of my salads, but that just means more for me!

Lunch was enough to make it to dinner without being hungry or feeling yucky. Unfortunately, I am feeling really tired today. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been on my feet cooking a lot the last day and a half, or if it’s because sugars and crap are slowly leaving my body. Either way, I hope I get a good night’s sleep tonight!


whole30-walnut-crusted-porkOn the menu for dinner tonight was “walnut-crusted pork tenderloin” (page 252, The Whole30). Prior to starting on this recipe, I had to make the Basalmic Vinaigrette (page 328, The Whole30), as it’s the topping for the meal. So I made some of that and then got going on dinner! Instead of using a pork tenderloin, I bought a pork roast and sliced it into 2 pieces lengthwise. This enabled me to have 2 tenderloin sized hunks of meat. I did it this way because we are a family of 4 and I wanted to make sure we had leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It worked out great!

I ate the meal exactly as intended… the walnut-crusted pork over salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette over all of it. I thought it was amazing! Hubby put ranch on his and said it was great! Both kids ate the meat separate from the salads, and their salads had ranch. We also all had some apple slices to go with the meal. The kids cleared their plates (again!) which is fantastic!!

Not hungry right now and I don’t have too crazy much longer to go until bedtime. Hubby said he’s feeling a little funky. Almost like he feels when he first starts the Atkins diet… not a bad funky, just like his body is actually doing something when it wasn’t before. I feel like that’s a good sign!

Whole30 Day 2… Over & Out!

Whole30 Day 1 – making mayo worked this time!

mayo-08june2015Woohoo! I managed to actually make mayo today! The super secret was to add the olive oil really slowly… and it came out great! I took a picture of a spoonful of it because I am so excited!


So I completely forgot to take a picture of breakfast this morning. But we were both so happy with how it turned out and how delicious it was that I am going to make it again tomorrow, at which time I will definitely take a picture. By the way, how come nobody ever told me how amazing sweet potato home fries are?! They’re awesome and sweet and perfect to go with runny eggs! The sausage did take me a little longer to make than I was hoping, as I was hungry while cooking. Next time I think I will make the sausage the night before and just microwave them with everything else in the morning. One less step in the morning is a super bonus!

After breakfast, we were both completely satisfied, not at all hungry anymore but not bloated and gross feeling. I also did what the Whole30 book recommended (yes, I really did read the book) and waited to have my coffee until after eating breakfast. The book discusses coffee being an appetite suppressant, yadda yadda. It wasn’t easy to wait, but it was worth it because breakfast was good, I ate all my breakfast (go mommy, clearing your plate!), and I only had 1 cup instead of my usual 3 or 4.

So many sauces!

In anticipation of the next few days of meals, I made even more mayo and different variations of mayo and other sauces after breakfast. I made some ranch dip (with a little added water it becomes the consistency of dressing), cilantro-lime mayo and buffalo sauce. I wasn’t sure about the ranch (it’s one of my husband’s all time favorites, along with being a favorite of our 8 year old and our 15 year old). The ranch being good was a necessity for me. Thankfully, when hubby tried a taste with broccoli… he loved it! Awesome.


Lunch today was the Whole30 “steak salad with cilantro-lime mayo” recipe on page 220 of the Whole30 book. It was really good. I bought a flank steak because they’re large and I thought it would be nice to just eat leftovers for dinner. After making breakfast and all the sauces, I was just not in the mood to deal with dinner. So my husband and I had lunch together, the steak over mixed greens. I had mine with the cilantro-lime mayo and hubby had his with ranch. Both ways tasted amazingly great! After lunch I did mention that we were having this for dinner and to my surprise, my husband said that would be fine. I thought he’d want something else, but he said it was definitely good enough to have twice in one day.

No bloating or feeling like we ate too much at lunch. By this time in our day (like yesterday, haha), I would have had about 4 cups of coffee and zero food. Hubby would have had maybe 3 or 4 peanut butter sandwiches. Neither of our habits are in the least bit healthy… we are really hoping this Whole30 program can help us break those habits and start eating properly.


I know I already mentioned we had the same thing for dinner as we did for lunch, but the big deal here… THE KIDS ATE IT ALL!!! They both cleared their plates, which is a huge victory and a great reason for us to continue on the program. If it is going to provide no brainer, just read-and-do recipes that our kids enjoy, then I am all for it!

Hubby had a little heartburn tonight, but not too bad. Not bad enough to eat a bottle of Tums anyway, which is wonderful. We were both full and are hoping to make it to bed before we get hungry again.

Whole30 is a “thing” right now!

With our friends anyway. Hubby and I both discussed doing this diet with some friends, and they’re all doing it too! One couple actually just started today, so we’re on the same path. A girlfriend of mine is just finishing off her first week and said she already feels great and has lots more energy! I know there are testimonials all over the place (and in the book) about the benefits of Whole30 and how great people feel, etc. But hearing it from people we know brings it home a little more.

I am still really hoping for more energy… I need it!

Whole30 Day 1… Mission Complete!

Whole30 Day 0 – we haven’t even started yet

That’s right! We have done no healthy eating as of today! However, my husband and I used today to plan out what we need to get done for meals Monday through Thursday.

I read through the Whole30 book I bought, went to the Whole30 website, and made a solid meal plan for our first four days of the program. In all honesty, I don’t think we’ve had this quantity of healthy food on a shopping list in a long time. And I don’t mean we just ate unhealthy food before, but we ate a ton of unnecessary sugars and junk. The labels may have said the food was healthy, but after reading the Whole30 book, doing my research, and talking to other people, I know with even more certainty than before that labels lie.

Hoping to fix so many things!

We decided to try Whole30 because we have tried a zillion other diets (many of which are explained on this site) and none of them have truly helped with my husband’s stomach issues. To give a rundown, my husband’s current symptoms, all of which he is “used to” but shouldn’t be include: bloating, heartburn (super bad), diverticulitis, on and off headaches, completely irregular sleep pattern with difficulty falling asleep, low energy levels, irregular bathroom requirements, and possibly more but I can’t think of them right now.

We are really hoping that my husband’s symptoms can be cleared up and that I can get into eating healthier (I often eat very little all day and then pig out at night) and gain more energy! I’ve also very recently started getting heartburn on the regular and I’m pretty sure my bathroom requirements (I know, not a fun topic, but if this can fix our guts, I am more than IN!) aren’t what they should be. Here’s to hoping!

Off to a bad start

Ok, not even a bad start… a bad pre-start. Thinking I could get ahead of the game, I attempted to make mayo today. I failed miserably and will be trying again tomorrow, when I’m not so annoyed by my failure. My husband says not to worry about it, but if my recipes turn out like my mayo, we are screwed.

Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning I plan to make the recipe on page 208 of the Whole30 book. It’s called “dinner breakfast: eggs, sausage, and home fries” – I am very glad that I already know what I will be making in the morning, but a little nervous to see how it comes out. Regardless of the outcome, I will take a picture!