What’s the point of Atkins?

atkins-logoAtkins is a low-carb weight loss diet that aims to help you lose weight while eating from a list of approved foods. This diet aims to help your body burn fat instead of carbs and throughout the process, 4 phases, the Atkins diet slowly reintroduces more carbs back into what you eat. This is to allow the body to re-learn how to use the fat you eat as fuel instead of using carbs and sugars and junk. My husband has done this diet many times and though it was fantastic for weight loss, it was not sustainable for us and I couldn’t stick to cooking this way for him for very long. I’m not a doctor, so obviously I can’t verify whether this is healthy or not, but I do know the weight loss piece does work, and for some people, this may be fantastic!

The food rundown:

IN: seafood, meats, eggs, fats, oils, some artificial sweeteners, cheeses, vegetables (rather complicated in’s and out’s… see list of allowed food here)

OUT: fruit, bread, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables, some dairy products

The health benefits of Atkins:

Here’s an article on the benefits of Atkins, and to list just a few, weight loss, less acne, fewer headaches, improved acid reflux, fewer headaches, and many more. We are not doctors, so as always, discuss with yours prior to beginning any new diet program, even if you think the health benefits sound fantastic. Everyone is different, and a doctor’s advice is valuable.

Atkins Q&A:

Why are there phases?

The phases are designed to slowly increase your carbohydrate intake, allowing your body to get used to utilizing fat as fuel instead of using carbs and sugars.

I can have some sweeteners, right?

Yes! The artificial sweeteners that are approved are sucralose, saccharine or stevia.

What about alcohol?

Not in the first phases, but it can be reintroduced in moderation. Though the Atkins program does say that if you reintroduce alcohol prior to hitting your weight loss target and the weight loss stops, the alcohol intake probably needs to stop as well to kick the weight loss back in gear.

Resources: – of course, the obvious. This has everything you need to know about the Atkins diet.

Atkins Chef Recipes – great Atkins recipes to help you stick to the program for the duration.