bikini body pre-training – week 1 – day 3

sore-tired-workingUmmmm… WOW! Today’s workout was arms and abs. I was literally lying on my yoga mat in a sweaty heap afterwards! So glad the bikini body guide has stretch routines!

Quick tip for anyone else with little dogs… set out TWO yoga mats. One for them and one for you! One of my puppies kept trying to sit on my mat every time I did my leg lifts. That makes the coming down part a little frustrating, haha!

So my arms and abs are totally burning after today’s workout, but this is day 3 of week 1 of the bikini body pre-training program, and I feel AWESOME! I was texting earlier with one of the other ladies in the group I’m doing this with and we are both super glad we didn’t just jump right in to the 12 week program. We need this pre-training first, and it was a smart decision to go this route. As always, we’re thinking about our abilities and our motivation to succeed.

So far, working out with a group of ladies who are also motivated (and motivating!) is the best thing I could possibly be doing! I make sure I get my workouts done because I want it and I want us all to succeed! Working as a team is most definitely more motivating than trying to do this on my own. It also really helps that hubby is working out every day now too 🙂

Bikini Body pre-training week 1 day 3… arms be shakin’… lol!

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