bikini body pre-training – week 1 – day 5 – full body!

IMG_4835.JPGToday was a full body workout. At the top of the workout it clearly said “OPTIONAL” – but no. My girlfriend in NY texted last night and said “It’s not optional unless you wanna stay fat! We got this!!” So motivational… and made me laugh at the same time, haha! There’s a lot going on around the house today so I got up early and had my workout done by about 8:30am. I definitely earned my shower today… The workout was tough, my abs are still a little sore from the other day so this workout definitely had me pushing myself pretty hard. I know it’s all going to be worth it when I feel good about how I look. I can’t wait!

I still can’t believe this is the bikini body pre-training! It’s totally kicking my butt and I’m not even doing the real 12 week program yet! I am definitely starting to feel the effects already though. I may not look it at this point, but I feel stronger, I feel like my belly is smaller… I just plain feel better about myself and about the fact that I am taking the time to get back in shape. It is so worth it and eating super healthy along with the workouts gives me more energy, helps me sleep better at night, and just makes me an overall happier person (something that’s definitely good for everyone else around me!).

There’s no real tough workout tomorrow. There’s a full stretching routine, which I am so glad is included!! Some of the stretches are here on Kayla Itsines’ blog… awesome stretches! It’s nice that there’s no LISS tomorrow, I really think my body needs a full 2 days of rest… this is only week 1, and I certainly don’t want to push myself so hard that I quit!

Bikini body pre-training week 1 day 5… ABS ACHE, but it’s WORTH IT!

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