bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 1.. feeling good!

Workout DONE😀

IMG_4867.JPGIt feels so awesome to be done with my workout and still have the whole day ahead of me! Working out in the morning is definitely amazing. BBG pre-training is really working for me, getting me amped up to do the full BBG 12 week program after I’m done with this first 4 weeks! I did take a before picture last week and I took a week 1 picture today, though not much has changed… if anything. I know I won’t see results right away, so it’s fine. I just know that for me, I want a full timeline of how this transformation went!

I actually went somewhere before my workout this morning (I worked out before 9am), and someone I knew noticed I had lost weight! She said I looked really good, which is awesome! So even if I’m not really seeing much change yet, others are, which is fantastic and a total motivator for me! The group of ladies I’m on a group text with are also still super motivating. Just knowing that my legs aren’t feeling like jelly alone is fantastic! Love it!

bikini body pre-training week 2 day 1… ENERGIZED!

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