bikini body pre-training – week 2 – day 5… glad it’s Friday!

It’s Friday, I feel awesome and am still absolutely loving this workout program!! I feel like my belly is getting tighter. Can’t really see any changes yet, but just feeling like I’m changing is enough for me at this point!

 Today’s workout was full body and again it said it was optional on te workout information, but it’s not like I’m so incredibly worn out that I can’t get the optional ones done.. And I made a commitment to myself to make sure I find the time to follow this exercise program, so that’s what I’m doing😀

I’m really enjoying the extra energy I feel like I’m gaining too, it’s amazing! I am super glad it’s Friday because we have a lot to get done over the weekend, mainly in the yard haha! 

Bikini body pre-training week 2 day 5… Woohoo Friday!

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