bikini body pre-training – week 3 – day 1… still going

get-in-shapeTook some pictures today. I think I’m looking better already and this is only the start of week 3! My girlfriend in NY said my legs and hips look better, which is awesome. I am really digging getting in shape! Makes me so happy that I’m slowly getting myself back into shape!

So today was a lot of leg work, and my legs were some serious jelly afterwards! I didn’t even want to walk back upstairs to get some water after I was finished, lol.

Still texting the same group of ladies and it’s so nice to have people who are doing this with me. Not sure if everyone got their workouts done today, but just texting in general makes it more fun. Definitely a bonus!

Did a lot of other things around the house today. We’re in the process of attempting to de-clutter. It is not easy! It’s especially difficult when other people in the extended family are trying to do it at the same time… every time someone shows up to visit they bring a box of stuff with them. I’m trying to get rid of it, haha, not take on more! So filling boxes and moving things around what a bit of a workout as well. I know I need to keep taking things easy and make sure I don’t kill myself with all this, but there’s a lot going on!

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