one hundred push ups – week 3 – day 2… wow.

impossible-today-push-upSo yeah, my arms are totally blown out today. The Bikini Body Guide pre-training included push ups today too. Then I did week 3 day 2 of the one hundred push ups training program (about 2 hours after my first workout), thinking I had given myself enough time between the 2 workouts… ha! My arms are so done right now, they don’t even want me to bother typing!! I barely hit the last set’s max of 12. But I did manage the full 12, so I hit 50 push ups today! That’s half way to the 100 push ups I should be able to do at the end of this program. I really can’t wait to be able to do that, I just think it’s really cool and would be awesome to be able to knock out 100 push ups 2 or 3 times a week after the program is over:) My girlfriend in NY maxed at 14! So she hit 52 push ups! Woohoo!

I can also tell that my arms are stronger. I mean, this is week 3 of this, so I guess they should be stronger lol. But I really like the increased strength to be obvious to me. I’m also seeing more definition in both my arms, which is rad because that muscle definition makes my arms look better in general! Love it!

One hundred push ups week 3 day 2… WHEW!!! 50 PUSH UPS!

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