one hundred push ups – week 4 – day 1… barely

keep-pushingNot sure what’s up, but I barely got these push ups done today! Perhaps it was because I wasn’t the most brilliant I’ve ever been and I didn’t actually do my push ups until after I had been moving things around and packing boxes to de-clutter. I’ll try to make sure I get it done way earlier in the day on Wednesday than I did today!

Still doing column 1, currently on week 4 of the One Hundred Push Ups Training Program. I maxed out at 16 push ups, which gave me 63 push ups! Now that is totally awesome, but I seriously barely made it to the max of 16 at the end. I’m really not seeing how in just a few more weeks I’ll be able to do 100 consecutively. Really doesn’t seem possible. I’ll keep going though and hopefully I can gain more strength and keep myself going strong enough to do it!

Maintaining positivity is important to me at this point, so that’s what I’m doing 🙂

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