rest is important too

IMG_4857.JPGRest.. not working out. Letting your body heal and rebuild is an important part of getting in shape. It could seem counter productive, but it isn’t at all. Your body needs time to relax, rebuild, and recover after working all those muscles. For more information on why rest is important, this article titled The Benefits of Rest and Recovery After Exercise explains it pretty well.

I am taking today to just chill. My girlfriend in NY has restarted her Whole30 and this time around she’s getting much more active about cooking different things and trying out new recipes. A lot of the recipes are from the book and I’m super glad we sent her a copy because it’s really motivational and like I’ve said before, it helps to physically own the book! So for today, I’m texting with her, watching movies with hubby, and doing my new favorite thing… Making up new recipes! 

Seriously, I love trying to create new and exciting recipes! Hubby said Whole30 has made me a better cook, and I agree! Though I think my cute new apron may have a lot to do with it too, lol. 

I also have some awesome news! Tomorrow I should receive my new kitchen gadget! I ordered this Paderno Spiralizer and I am so excited! My girlfriend has one and she said it’s awesome! If I have time, I may do a full review of it after I use all the different pieces. It’s very cool though, I cannot wait to try my hand at some zucchini noodles! I’ve been saving one of the giant zucchini I got from my father-in-law just to try to spiralizer!

Rest is important for your body… allow yourself time to recover & rebuild!

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