Week 3 of bikini body pre-trainin is done!

I completely forgot to post yesterday, we were super busy working on decluttering the house and doing some outside work to it. I did do treadmill yesterday which was the last day of week 3! 

Decluttering in itself can feel like a workout sometimes too… So much random things to go through, box up, sell, etc. it’s insane! But the house is slowly starting to become more open and spacious. And we are very lucky to have other people in our lives who want some of our old items 😀 Makes it easy to get rid of things without trashing them. I also have a huge batch of things I need to donate. Haven’t been to the donation center yet because I know more things will end up needing to go, but it’s great to have a lot to donate!

Ok, enough about that. Back to the treadmill. For some reason it was tough yesterday. Maybe because of all the work I’ve been doing around the house or something, not sure. But it certainly allowed me time to clear my head and just do my own thing. Love it!! One more week of pre-training and then it’s time for the bikini body guide 12 week program. Can’t wait!!

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