What is GMO?

The explanation of GMOs, from the NON GMO Project is

GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.

What’s the process for creating something that is GMO?

To create a genetically modified organism, genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and forced into the genes of an unrelated species, all done in a laboratory. The genes could come from insects, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Are GMOs Safe?

Most developed countries around the world do not consider GMOs to be safe. The European Union (EU), Japan, and Australia, and many other countries, there are bans or serious restrictions on the production and sale of GMO products.

Do Companies Label GMO Products?

Unfortunately, the answer here is a resounding no. Companies do not label GMO products, though many products that do NOT contain GMOs are labeled as such. As consumers, we need to know what foods may contain GMOs, read labels very carefully, and possibly research companies and products to determine whether or not GMOs may be present. Click here for a list of verified Non-GMO products, put together by the Non-GMO Project.