turn (almost) any food into an appetizer

Appetizers are a huge part of any social gathering, and being able to turn just about anything into an appetizer without too much trouble means endless possibilities! Presentation and ease of consumption are always two huge motivators when it comes to someone choosing to eat the food you put out. 

fruit-toothpicks-appetizerUse toothpicks.

If a toothpick will stick into the food, use it. This not only helps everyone avoid germs and the sticky fingers of children on their food, it also gives the dish an edge over others because of the ease of serving oneself.

Toothpicks also make it easy to have a dip of sorts available for the appetizer without worrying about anyone double dipping (if that’s a concern for you or others at the gathering). And of course, there’s the obvious benefit of having toothpicks around at a meal… cleaning one’s teeth.

carrots-appetizerPut things on cupcake wrappers.

Awesome. Not only is this something someone can pick up without touching, it is also something they can eat without having a plate on hand. You know how dinner parties or barbecues are, people get their plates, eat, then an hour or two later, they head back to the table to grab a little something else. By that time, plates may be gone or put away, and all that’s left are things you can eat without plates.

Cupcake wrappers also allow for incredible food presentation. You can lay out a bit of food with sauce drizzled over it, presenting it well and making it look even more appetizing to anyone enjoying your food. I personally like to put some veggies with a little dip in cupcake wrappers for people to take. Each person gets their own dollop of dip and nobody needs to use a spoon, spill anything, or double dip.

appetizer-in-lettuceLettuce leaves.

Wow, I cannot express how awesome lettuce and spinach leaves can make an appetizer! I love wrapping things in lettuce leaves. Not only does it separate one piece of food from another, it also gives those eating the food the option of adding the additional greens to their food. More veggies and greens is always great!

Lettuce and spinach leaves also make great separators for foods, which only adds to the fantastic presentation. It often amazes me just how much of the lettuce or spinach people end up just eating when I use it as a wrapper or separator for an appetizer.