honey lime sauce

A wonderful mix of flavors, this honey lime sauce is absolutely incredible for dipping just about any fruit. It goes perfectly with our fruit summer rolls too!

fruit-summer-rolls-platterThe prep for this honey lime sauce is easy. Simply mix honey and lime juice. Another fantastic option for this recipe is to add a little fresh mint. The addition of some fresh mint completely changes the flavor of this honey lime sauce, making it taste extra refreshing!

I take our fruit summer rolls to parties and barbecues with this honey lime sauce for dipping. The dish is always a huge hit and I never walk away with leftovers, which is sometimes a bit of a bummer for me, haha. To have a great dish that isn’t too difficult and a great sauce to dip it in is just awesome. The honey lime sauce also goes great in the center of a tray with fresh fruit. Strawberries, cantaloupe, mango and apple chunks with toothpicks in them make for a great finger food for any occasion!

Honey Lime Sauce
A deliciously sweet dip, great for fresh fruits!
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1/2 cup honey
  2. juice of 1/2 lime (juice of 1 whole lime if you really love lime)
  3. 1 to 2 Tablespoons water (amount of water will depend on consistency you're aiming for)
  4. Fresh mint, finely chopped (OPTIONAL)
  1. Mix honey and lime juice, stir well.
  2. Slowly add the water while stirring until you have the consistency you want for your sauce.
  3. Add fresh mint (OPTIONAL).
  4. Dip fruits and enjoy!
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fruit summer rolls

fruit-summer-rolls-finished1A super fun way to eat fruit, these fruit summer rolls are not only cool looking, they’re also delicious and healthy!

Getting the kids to eat more fruits and veggies can be difficult, but when you hand them a cool looking snack like these fruit summer rolls, it becomes much less of a hassle. I just love that these are fairly simple to make and totally packed to the max with fruit!

These fruit summer rolls go really well with our honey lime sauce. The honey lime sauce is fantastic with any fresh fruits!

Making fruit summer rolls is easy!

fruit-summer-rolls-filling-preppedFirst, cut your apples and peaches into matchstick sized pieces. They do not have to be perfect, they just need to all be similar in size. Wash your spinach and remove the stems, as they can break through the thin rice paper. Slice your strawberries into thin slices.

Second, wet your rice paper. To do this, I dip it quickly in a bowl of water, making sure to wet both sides, but not soak it. Allowing rice paper to sit in water will make it impossible to work with. Once it’s dipped in water, shake it off, make sure no excess water is left on the paper, and lay it on a flat work space.

fruit-summer-rolls-filling-on-paperThird, lay the spinach pieces (about 1 leaf, again minus the stems, per roll) on the rice paper, about 1 inch from one end of the paper. Place the peach and apple slices on the spinach.

fruit-summer-rolls-one-full-rollFourth, make one complete roll of the rice paper and place the strawberry slices, 3 to 4 slices per roll) on the rice paper.

fruit-summer-rolls-precutFifth, fold each side of the rice paper over, like a burrito. Finish rolling the rice paper. Repeat this process until you’ve used up all your fruit slices and lettuce!

That’s it! You’re done! These really are easy to make. The rice paper does take some getting used to, as it can be difficult to work with. But with time and practice, the process becomes a quick one! My silver lining when I was first learning to work with rice paper was that I got to eat any rolls that didn’t roll properly… yum!

fruit-summer-rolls-finished2If serving lots of people, cutting the rolls in half allows you to make fewer rolls while still being able to offer one to each of your guests. Half rolls are also perfect for younger children. If having this as a dessert, making some pudding to go with them is a great way to add some extra sweetness to them! These can either be dipped in the pudding, or (if cut in half) a spoonful of pudding can be drizzled down the open top. Pudding can also be added during the initial rollup process, but that could end up messier than one would like.

Fruit Summer Rolls
A refreshing fruit summer roll, great for any occasion!
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Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
  1. 1 peach
  2. 1 apple
  3. 4 strawberries
  4. 4 spinach leaves (or romain lettuce leaves)
  5. 1 mango (optional, but makes it sweeter)
  6. 1 kiwi (optional)
  7. rice paper (8 to 10 sheets)
  1. Slice peach and apple into matchstick sized pieces.
  2. Slice strawberries (and kiwi if you're using it) into thin slices.
  3. Slice mango into thin strips (if you opt to add the mango)
  4. Remove stems from spinach leaves (the hard stems may break through the rice paper).
  5. Wet the rice paper and lay on flat work surface.
  6. Lay the spinach or lettuce pieces on the rice paper, centered and about 1 inch from one edge of the rice paper. Use about 1 spinach leaf per roll.
  7. Lay the mango slices across the spinach or lettuce (if you're adding mango)
  8. Lay the apple and peach slices on top of the spinach.
  9. Roll up the filling, one full roll.
  10. Place about 3 strawberry slices (and kiwi, if you opted to use it) on the rice paper, directly next to the current edge of the roll.
  11. Fold both sides over and finish rolling.
  12. Cut or don't, depending on your need.
  13. ENJOY!
  1. To keep the apple from browning, soak the slices in 1 cup water mixed with the juice of 1/2 a lime.
  2. These are best when put together within a few hours of serving, though the fruit can be prepped the night before.
  3. If serving in a dish, use lettuce or spinach leaves to keep the rolls separated so they don't stick together. Some people will also wrap the extra lettuce or spinach around the rolls when eating.
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cantaloupe fruit medley for breakfast!

cantaloupe-fruit-medleyBreakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and starting it off with a nice cantaloupe fruit medley makes for a great start to the morning!

This morning, I kicked my day off with a nice hot cup of coffee and the cantaloupe fruit medley I made last night. I usually make two fruit medleys at the same time when I cut my cantaloupe in half. I store them in the fridge in bowls with plastic wrap covering them up. I’m not entirely sure how long they would last if left alone, as ours usually make it 24 hours at best before someone gobbles them up.

What do I do with the leftover cantaloupe from my cantaloupe fruit medley?

Honestly, I often just eat it after I cut it out. Once the seeds are gone, cutting a little strip around the cantaloupe to make more room for the other fruits doesn’t really leave much leftover cantaloupe. If I’m making two full cantaloupes at a time (four fruit medleys), I put the extra cantaloupe in a container and serve it with lunch or dinner.

Cantaloupe Fruit Medley
Serves 2
Awesome fruit medley stuffed into a cantaloupe!
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 cantaloupe
  2. 6 to 8 strawberries
  3. 2 kiwis
  4. ~16 to 18 grapes
  1. Cut the cantaloupe in half and scrape out the seeds in the middle of each half.
  2. Cut or scrape out more of the actual cantaloupe around the already hollow center. This is done to be able to fit more fruit into the cantaloupe. (OPTIONAL: eat the cantaloupe you've cut out, or save it for later.)
  3. Cut the strawberries into thin slices and lay around the edges of the hole in the center of the cantaloupes.
  4. Peel the kiwis and cut into thin slices. Lay them around in a circle, inside the strawberries.
  5. Top it off by filling whatever is left of the center with the grapes.
  6. ENJOY!
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Make it even more of a meal!

To make this more of a meal, and not just fruit, have a small fruit medley with some eggs and bacon, or other protein. Two eggs and a small fruit medley is a fantastic Whole30 and Paleo compliant meal! I love fruit with my eggs in the morning, and having a nice looking cantaloupe fruit medley just adds an extra smile to the morning!

figuring out proper portions

Proper portions, or serving sizes, can be easily navigated!

I sometimes have trouble remembering how much of a particular food type is a good serving size. I use everyday objects to help me remember proper portions, both at home, and when out at a restaurant. This is the long version… want the quick version, or want to download the PDF? Check out our Serving Sizes Cooking Resource!

box-of-cardsLean Meats, Poultry & Tofu – 3 ouncesdeck of cards

It is really easy to eat too much meat, for me anyway, possibly because it’s just so delicious! A serving size of lean meat, poultry or tofu is about 3 ounces. To visualize 3 ounces, especially when out a restaurant, think of a pack of cards, or even a bar of soap. That is an approximate serving size. I sometimes buy canned chicken, which comes in 10 ounce cans, to use for chicken salads for lunch. I can make 3 chicken salads with just 1 can.

checkbookFish – 3 ouncessize of your checkbook

This one is pretty easy to maintain. A lot of fish comes served in about this general serving size, even out at a restaurant. Tuna and salmon can also be purchased in 5 ounce cans (4 ounces when drained), which is pretty close to the appropriate serving size. Two cans can be used to feed approximately the right serving size of fish to 3 people.

fistCooked Pasta & Rice – about ½ cupsize of your fist

For me, this is the most difficult serving size to stick to. When I eat pasta or rice, which I try not to do too often, I eat a lot of it. It’s just so easy to fill a bowl or cover a plate in pasta or rice that sticking to just a half cup is difficult. To avoid overeating the grains, I’ve been trying to make extra vegetables or a nice big salad to go with my grains. It helps, but it’s still tough to stick to the size of my fist as a serving size!

CD-caseGrains – bread, pancake, waffle – 1 slice size of a CD case

That’s right, an appropriate serving size of bread is not the usual 2 slices for a sandwich, it’s just 1 slice. While this can seem like a bit of a bummer, adding a salad to go with 1/2 a sandwich is a great way to make sure you have enough food to eat to fill you up, without going over the serving size of any one type of food.

baseballGrains – cereal & popcorn – 1 baseball for cereal, 3 baseballs for popcorn

I absolutely LOVE popcorn! And knowing that I can have 3 whole baseballs of it is awesome! The serving size of popcorn certainly puts the sizes available at the movie theaters into perspective. Keep it to the smallest available size, and don’t smother it in butter. As for cereal, I personally don’t eat much, but the kids do. They regularly eat way more than the correct serving size of cereal. Granted, they’re growing children and spend a lot of time burning off energy, but I still remind them to do their best to keep the serving sizes as close to what it should be as possible.

tennis-ballFruits, whole – 1 tennis ball

Another pretty easy one. An apple (because the core isn’t eaten, it’s close), a peach (because the pit isn’t eaten, it’s close), a plum… basically any whole piece of fruit fits this serving size pretty closely. When eating smaller fruits, such as strawberries or blueberries, I aim to eat about as many as would fit inside a tennis ball, or fit inside a plum. This helps me estimate the correct serving size without having to measure anything out or go crazy with it.

baseballSalad Greens & Cooked Vegetables – 1 cup1 baseball

Sticking to the proper portions of salad greens at home is pretty easy. Unfortunately, when out and about, restaurants tend to serve side salads in enormous bowls that are way over the correct serving size. Granted, salad is good for us all, but that doesn’t mean we should over eat it. This is another situation in which ordering a to-go box before eating the meal can really help keep portions correct. Plus, packing up half of all the food ordered before eating means taking home the entire meal to eat again later! Score!

poker-chipFats & Oils – 1 tablespoon1 poker chip

This includes butters, mayonnaise, peanut butter, and all other types of fats and oils. This portion size can be especially difficult to maintain when it comes to salad dressings. I know I enjoy smothering my salads with way more dressing than necessary, but I do my best not to. I have found that shaking a salad really well, or mixing it really well before consuming can help minimal amounts of dressings go a long way.

diceCheese – 1½ ounces 3 dice

It’s easy to think of the size of dice when cutting up a block of cheese. Figuring out the proper portion when it comes to melted or shredded cheese is a lot more difficult. When I eat cheese, I just try to keep the melted or shredded cheese to a minimum, in attempt to get as close to the right serving size as possible. I know it isn’t always perfect, but this is not an exact science.

fistIce Cream & Frozen Yogurt – ½ cupsize of your fist (that includes whatever is hidden in the cone!)

The proper portions for ice cream and frozen yogurt to eat is about a scoop. This can be a lot more difficult to figure out if the serving size is correct when you’re eating soft serve, as the cones can often be piled pretty high with yummy deliciousness. To be safe, I generally order the child’s sized soft serve cone. It really is enough for me and it ensures I’m sticking close to the right portion.

dental-flossChocolate – 1 of 2 piecesabout the size of a dental floss pack

The proper portion of chocolate, for me, is almost impossible to stick to! Not only do most candy bars go way over the truly correct serving size of chocolate, I just really love to eat a lot of it when I can. I know, it’s a weakness of mine, but chocolate is just plain old fantastic!