Whole30 Day 24 – the scale is screaming at me!

Seriously, I need to get some evil looking googly eyes to glue onto my scale. It’s totally been yelling at me to “hop on” cause “you know you want to” all freaking day! What’s up with that?? Bottom line, my scale is a complete jerk. And I won’t fall for it!

My transformation has been incredible. I’m following the Whole30 rules, getting support from hubby an my friends, and doing my best to support them back. I’ve attempted to maintain a positive attitude through it all, not always easy, and I feel really good. 

This is the end of day 24. We have 6 more days and I’m starting to get nervous. Funny enough, the book and this reintroduction information the Whole30 site both mention this exact feeling. Like a “now what” sort of feeling. I’m afraid I’ll get into the mindset that just because I can reintroduce things, I must reintroduce all the things! That can’t be how it works. But I do know myself. Which means I know I need to prep myself for the end of my Whole30. 

I currently plan to continue eating like this indefinitely. I like not snacking. I like eating yummy healthy meals. Fast food is gross and I want it to stay gone. I like feeling good 99% of the time. So right now I’m just all up in my own silly head, worrying because Whole30 has made me virtually stress-free, and we can’t have that, can we, brain? Nope. Must. Add. Stress. 

weight-scale-funnySo today. Food. Breakfast was the usual, eggs, sweet potato hash browns, and turkey meatballs (we’re out of sausage). Lunch was chicken salad, om nom nom! I made a variation of the pork chops with apple spiced apple sauce recipe (page 258, The Whole30), except that I didn’t make the apple sauce spicy. And I was completely out of apple cider, so I just made all that stuff myself by simmering apples on the stove for a while… the apples became the sauce, the liquid became the cider. It was super good! If I can really keep making good food without allowing myself to slip into complete laziness, we should be able to eat well forever 🙂

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