Whole30 Day 25 – cilantro-lime mayo is so yummy!

I can’t believe we’re almost done with our first Whole30. It’s still weird how incredibly great we feel just because we’re eating healthy now! Hubby still feels awesome… heartburn hasn’t been rearing it’s ugly head, his stomach hasn’t gotten bloated, and he’s sleeping much better. I am also still sleeping really well, have no heartburn, and have way more energy than I ever did before!

avocadoFor dinner tonight, I made steak salad with cilantro-lime mayo (p.220, The Whole30). It was really good. Hubby had his salad with ranch (ranch recipe here). Unfortunately, some of the meat was chewier than we usually like it, so I don’t think hubby was all that impressed with the meal this time around. I really liked it though. I also included avocado on my salad, which I just love! For some reason, I often forget about avocados even though I absolutely love them!

I think I need to figure out some other things I can make with avocados. The Whole30 book has a guacamole recipe that I might try sometime soon. Maybe to go with carnitas… yum! I very recently ate dinner and just thinking about other yummy dishes is making me hungry, haha. I think I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow though, so it’s probably good to plan some things out now.

Whole30 Day 25… done!

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