Whole30 Day 26 – fixed the steak, lol

Yeah, so I mentioned in my post yesterday that hubby wasn’t too fond of the steak I made to go on our salads. I totally fixed it today. About 2 hours in a dutch oven at 350, covered in water, and now it falls apart when I touch it. Just the way hubby likes it 🙂 We do our best to not waste any food, so I had to fix the steak… I don’t claim to be perfect, but wasted stead, especially when I buy more expensive grass fed steaks, is a no-no!

So we’re only a few days from finishing and I have to be honest. I cannot wait to get on that scale! I know my waist is smaller. I feel way better. Just a few more days!

We had the usual for breakfast, salad for lunch (chicken), and steak salad for dinner. This is a short post because I’m watching a movie with hubby. But I didn’t want to forget to post 🙂

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