Whole30 Day 28 – bacon!

Today was a great day! We ate awesome, as we’ve been doing for a full 28 days now, and we just had a really nice and relaxing day 🙂

I actually bought my girlfriend in NY the Whole30 book. It’s going to arrive at her place TOMORROW! So excited that she’s getting it and will be able to just have it on hand. It’s really been key for us. Being able to pick up the book, read through and remember how crappy I felt before, and leaf through it for more recipes makes this whole program easier for me! I bought it for my mom too, haha! Hope they both like the book as much as I do!

IMG_4788.JPGHubby ate the leftover frittata from yesterday for a late breakfast, we finished off everything we had in our fridge for lunch (bit of a mess, but it all needed to be eaten and was all compliant), and I made some bacon to top our dinner salads:) Finding the right kind of bacon with no sugar in it was not easy, which is rather annoying. It doesn’t need sugar, so why add it?? The Whole9Life site has great bacon info here, check it out! The Whole30 book has a way to make perfect bacon on page 162 of the book, and YES! The bacon was perfect. We prefer our bacon super crispy, and this came out exactly how we like it!

I did do my grocery shopping today, think I have about 3 days worth ready to roll. Granted, our Whole30 technically ends on Tuesday, Wednesday being day 31, but we don’t really want to feel like crap again. We did discuss pizza tonight, but we both know we’ll feel terrible if we eat that, so hopefully day 31 can be just like today and all the rest of the days on the Whole30 program… healthy eating and feeling good.

Whole30 Day 28… mmmmmmm BACON!


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