Whole30 Day 29 – so much cooking!!!

Today was a super busy day! Not only is it a Monday (always busy), but I also did my push ups this morning and started a new workout routine, along with having a zillion things to cook!

I made awesome crispy bacon right when I got into the kitchen this morning. We had some of the bacon with eggs and sweet potato hash browns. 

I then took the rest of the bacon and made a frittata with sweet potatoes on the bottom, followed by the crispy bacon, then came eggs mixed with spinach, and I topped it off with thin slices of tomato. Totally awesome! That will be our breakfast tomorrow and Wednesday (if the kids don’t eat a bunch of it too, haha). 

Next on the list to make… Chicken meatballs. These have become a big thing for us on our Whole30 journey because everyone likes them, they go great with lots of things, and I can make a ton of them at once! 

We ran out of ranch last night, and we needed it for our lunchtime salads. So I made a double batch of mayo and turned a cup of it into ranch. And… this gadget is now my NEW FAVORITE THING! It’s called the Oster 2-Speed Hand Blender with Cup and the thing is AWESOME! My model is red, which is pretty cool, but it’s the same thing and I definitely do NOT want to be without it now! I’ve had it sitting in a cupboard (still in the box, with manual) for as long as I can remember and today was the first time I pulled it out and used it! I have never made mayo so quickly before today! And thankfully, it’s not all that expensive, so I can get a new one if mine breaks… from overuse, ha! I honestly cannot stress enough how much making sauces and consistently having them on hand have helped us make it this far! Check out the Whole30 sauces page here, and give one or two sauces a try. 

Artichoke & Tomato ChickenFinally, dinner. I put artichoke hearts in the bottom of my Dutch oven. I then added some sun dried tomatoes and largely chopped white onion (about 1/2 a large onion). Keep in mind when buying artichoke hearts in a jar or sun-dried tomatoes that there could be non-Whole30 compliant ingredients… get the brands with all compliant ingredients (like the oil for the artichoke hearts… took me a while at the store to find a compliant brand). Put some chicken on top, chopped into about 2 inch pieces, added the juice from a lemon, covered it all with water, and let it sit at 350 for about 3 hours. We like our chicken to fall apart when touched, so I tend to cook mine for a long time. If I had any leftover bacon, I would totally add that too. Unfortunately, I’m all out. This recipe could also be done on low in a crock pot, for those who don’t have a Dutch oven or can’t watch the oven as needed. I’ve posted my artichoke & tomato chicken recipe up in our recipes section. I hope it’s as enjoyable for others as it was for our family!

Whole30 Day 29… can’t believe we’re almost done!

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