Whole30 Day 30 – we did THE WHOLE 30!!!!

Today, as the last day for our Whole30 program, we decided to just eat some amazing meals! Why make amazing on the last day? Because we wanted a reminder of why we don’t. want. to. stop. Though I must admit, I am really excited to get on the scale tomorrow morning… just want to see if I actually lost weight!

This last 30 days has been incredible for us. We feel better. We look better. We are happier. We have more energy. The list of benefits we have seen from completing the Whole30 program goes on and on and on!

IMG_4807.JPGBreakfast this morning was a great frittata (or egg bake, or whatever you’d like to call it). Hubby and I and our teenaged son all ate it and enjoyed it! The one I made was a slight variation from this recipe that can be found on The Petite Professional. Everyone in the family really loves these things and they’re great to make the night before and heat up in the morning. As long as everyone only eats his or her share (HA!), it can last 2 mornings for a family of 4. I personally love meals I can make ahead of time so I don’t have to think. This is especially true in the mornings!

IMG_4810.JPGLunch for me was leftover artichoke chicken from last night. The boys had kale salads with homemade ranch, turkey meatballs, walnuts and raisins (yum!!!). 

After lunch I decided to prep for dinner as we’re having my father-in-law in town for a visit tonight. I made some awesome balsamic vinaigrette (p.328, The Whole30) and chopped a bunch of walnuts in my little food processor. When I have family over, I like to be as prepared as possible for any cooking I may need to do in an attempt to keep myself visiting instead of in the kitchen! Doing the prep work ahead of time just makes my life so much easier, lol!

IMG_4819.JPGFor dinner I made walnut-crusted pork (p.252, The Whole30) which we had over my new baked balsamic zucchini recipe, topped with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. We included side salads and apple slices with the meal as well. The meal was awesome! The kids ate everything on their plates, zucchini, salads, and apple slices included 🙂 It always makes me happy when our kids enjoy the Whole30 meals I make, because the two of them (and actually hubby included) can be extremely picky eaters!

After dinner we were talking with my hubby’s dad and we actually ended up ordering him The Whole30 book. We’ve purchased this book for several people lately, and the main reason is that it works wonders! And we want other people to feel this good too. I am also very fond of actually owning the book, which I know I have mentioned before. I love looking through the recipes again and again, rereading things to remind myself of how I used to feel, and of course I super love looking at the Non-Scale Victories!

So, our Whole30 experience is officially over. I’m not sure if we’ll add anything tomorrow (though a small Blizzard sure sounds awful yummy right now!), but I am glad we made it through to the end! I will continue writing about food (and will have one more Whole30 post about the SCALE!), the things we eat each day, and of course the fitness programs I’m in the middle of doing. But these posts will probably move to their own separate area under our Healthy Eating category (something we’re adding since we’ve completed the Whole30). Hubby and I are both extremely excited to continue on this healthy path and hope we can maintain it for the most part for a long time to come. While we release we may have a treat here or there, mind back on Blizzard, lol, we hope to continue having a healthy relationship with food and not use it as a reward or go back to eating out of boredom. This is the right way to eat and we will continue it. I hope to start creating more of my own recipes that are Whole30 compliant and gluten-free to assist others who are also working to get healthy.

Whole30 Day 30… WOW! We feel INCREDIBLE!

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