Whole30 Day 31 – totally got on the scale 

finished-whole30Because the Whole30 is over! Even though hubby and I do plan to continue eating this way (my ice cream thoughts from yesterday are gone, lol), I wanted to see what 30 full days of this program would really do for my weight. I did start working out, but have only been doing an intense workout for 2 days so far (today will be day 3). So this weight loss really is all about eating right.

Drum roll please…

I am down a total of 9.7 pounds! Hubby is down about 15! 

I don’t plan to weigh myself constantly going forward just because my Whole30 is over. I feel so good that aside from really wanting to know this morning, weight doesn’t matter much to me at this point. 

Here’s to finishing the Whole30, finding a healthy way to eat that we can maintain, finding a workout program I’m excited about, and magically losing some weight over the last month! I still seriously believe owning the book matters. At least it has for me. I know they sell both The Whole30 book and It Starts with Food on their website HERE. I would really recommend reading both!

Whole30… Thank you!

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