why bother making clarified butter?

That question was recently posed to me by a family member. Why make it when I can just buy it? Well, I looked up some pricing online, to get a general idea, ounce for ounce, of the pricing of ghee versus butter. What I found from Walmart was that butter costs about $0.18 per ounce. Ghee, on the other hand, is a whopping $1.13 per ounce (again, at Walmart)! That is a huge price difference and one that I am not willing to pay.

homer-simpson-butterMmmm… BUTTER! Butter is so awesomely delicious!

Yes, making clarified butter can take a while, especially when I do it because I tend to make a lot all at once. The stuff is good for about 3 months left out on the counter and about 6 months in the fridge. So when I make it, it just makes sense to get a whole lot of it done all at once. Not to mention that running out of clarified butter would be a nightmare for us on Whole30!

IMG_4710.JPGTo make clarified butter, I simmer the butter on the stove until everything separates and I can scoop the junk off the top and/or bottom of the pan. I then strain the remaining liquid through a coffee filter or cheesecloth and I am left with see-through yellow clarified butter. I then pour it into small mason jars and leave it on the counter to harden up some. Once hardened, I usually leave one out on the counter for use right away and put the rest in the fridge.

If, however, you simply don’t have time to make clarified butter or you just don’t want to (sometimes I don’t want to!!) you can buy Purity Farm Organic Ghee, Clarified Butter, 13-Ounce for just $10.99 – $0.85 an ounce… still more expensive than making it yourself, but not as expensive as Walmart and if there’s no time, it’s worth it!

The Whole30 website also has a good read about better butter, and whole9life.com has a butter manifesto that was interesting to read.

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